Good bye Canada

Last week, Miguel made a post about the death of Sweden at the hands of migrants, facilitated by idiot progressives.

Well Canada’s next.  Here is the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, testifying in Parliament not promising to affirm that the Canadian citizenship guide contains language against Female Genital Mutilation.

Looks like Canadian Progressives are going to look the other way when Muslims butcher their daughters.

That is so feminist of self proclaimed feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I guess the citizenship guide will also avoid mentioning that it’s wrong to throw gays off the CN Tower too.  You know… to be tolerant.

4 Replies to “Good bye Canada”

  1. The way that weasel avoided answering the question, you know exactly where he stands, the lying bastard scum-sucking son of a spavined goat. Kudos to the woman on the panel for hammering that slime ball until it was obvious where he stood on the issue. She needs to get a medal!

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