Big Apple Bus Tours

With all the carpet bagging going on in Alabama right now, it has given me an idea.

If CCW Reciprocity passes and becomes law, I want to set up a charter bus service that takes armed citizens from Southern and Mid Western states on a concealed carry shopping trip to Times Square.  

The bus service would make sure everyone knows and complies with the law.

Just go to NYC, do some shopping, and come home.   While packing.

The very thought of bus loads of “rednecks” and “flyover country bumpkins” carrying guns in their city would result in just about every pair of pants The Island being ruined, permanently.

4 Replies to “Big Apple Bus Tours”

  1. Make sure you line up your legal support system. There has to be a way to make some money when New York’s Finest falsely arrest the first busload of your customers?

    Personally, I am hoping for the 100,000 Concealed Carry March on the NYT/ABC/ CBS/NBC/ CNN during the NRA Convention in Manhattan.

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