On the morning of December 11th, 2017, Akayed Ullah went down into the subway of New York City and detonated a homemade suicide vest he was wearing.  Fortunately for the residents of New York, his bomb didn’t detonate as intended, leaving only four injured and none dead.

Ullah is an immigrant from Bangladesh .  He was inspired by ISIS, wanted payback for Israeli action in Gaza, and chose his target because of its Christmas decorations.

Donald Trump could not make up a terrorist attack that checked more boxes for his positions if he tried.

The media figured that about in about four-and-a-half seconds.  So the only option they had was to deflect, and deflect they did (Sorry, the video isn’t in YouTube and I’m having difficulty embedding it).

Yep, forget about the radicalized Muslim, Bangladeshi immigrant, who tried to kill Americans because he hates Israel, Jews, and Christmas, the real problem is not enough gun control.

This isn’t the first time MSNBC did this.  Way back in 2013, they pulled the same crap when discussing the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Ignore the radicalized, Chechen Muslim, immigrants, the big problem is background checks at gun shows.

These people are predictable.  If the terrorist attack doesn’t fit the narrative, fuck it, just talk about gun control.




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