Venezuela Gas Trucks cannot move because not enough diesel is being produced.

Out of the 2,500 PDVSA fuel trucks used to distribute gasoline across the country, only 1,400 are still operational and the rest cannot move because lack of fuel available in their region or maintenance parts are not coming according the Diario La Verdad.

The refineries in Venezuela are in such bad shape that gasoline has to be imported to cover the slack in production. Now, how this is gonna affect the transport of food is a very important question: PDVSA trucks have priority because they are government and still are failing. Most food transport is private.  Something is bound to collapse in the already screwed up food distribution system. .

There has to be a very Special Hell for Venezuelans in the US that support Bernie Sanders.


2 Replies to “Venezuela Gas Trucks cannot move because not enough diesel is being produced.”

  1. Don’t worry, it will be The Donald’s fault that food and gas doesn’t get distributed. Oh, and WE need more gun control because of the crisis in Venezuela………

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