Y’All F*ck-Off Now, Ya Hear

I’m having a real hard time making up my mind on the Jones/Moore election tomorrow.

I guess this whole mongoloid cluster fuck is my fault.  I didn’t want to choose between Hillary and Trump so I didn’t vote*.  I knew which way Alabama was going to go so I chose plausible deniability.

*Because of a comment, let me clarify.  I hated Hillary Clinton.  There is no doubt about that.  I did not like Trump as a candidate, and as a President he does things that I find face-palm worthy embarrassing.  Mattis was a great decision, so was Gorsuch.  I know the media blows everything he does out of proportion, but I believe when he’s in that position he shouldn’t give them any more ammo to use against him.  Then he goes to Twitter and shits the bed.  Sure “he fights.”  But he fights like a 12 year old, and it is unbecoming of a president.  Since I knew how Alabama was going to go, I had the luxury of being able to say “I’m not voting for that.”  If I lived in a swing state, I would have voted and had a strong drink afterwards.

The Fates had other ideas.

They decided to stick me with a choice that is worse than Trump/Hillary and is on such a knife edge that every vote matters.

Do I go with a potentially, under-age-grab-happy, jackass who will vote the way I want on some key issues in the Senate, but has the potential to cost Alabama jobs?


Do I vote for the (supposedly moderate) Democrat who might not cost of jobs but is as firm on the issues as a beer-shits turd?  Oh yeah, he eschewed from the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrats party.  Fan-fucking-tastic!!!  He’s not a full fledged, honeymoons in Moscow, thinks Pravda is true, fucking communist.  That’s radical for the Democrats now?

I don’t know.

Then the Barack Obama robo-calls start coming in.

MOTHERFUCKER!!!  That is the last son-of-a-bitch I want to hear from right now.  That piece of shit has being doing nothing but denigrating the United States since he left office.  He had the balls – actually I’m pretty sure his wife has the balls, she just lends them to Barack – to imply that Trump is Hitler while giving a speech.

Fuck voting for Jones, if Obama is endorsing him I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.

This situation is a god-damned, shit-show, disaster.

Everyone’s eyes are on Alabama and the more national attention we get the worse it is.

Cory Booker, the same motherfucking Senator from New Jersey (and former mayor of the US’ 6th most dangerous citywho was a character witness for Senator Bob Menendez in his corruption trial, was down here campaigning for Jones.

Whose brilliant fucking idea was that?

I, the man who testified that the  other Senator from my home state who ripped off Medicare for millions and helped get his buddy’s girlfriends visas was a good guy, thinks that Doug Jones is the right guy for your state.”

Obama?  Booker?  Why not bring Franken and Weinstein to Alabama to tell us how great Jones is?  Is the Devil ready to endorse him too?

Do these people think that they are helping?  Are they retarded?

If Alabama elects a Republican child molester it is BECAUSE the Obama and Booker came to give Jones a boost, not in spite of it.

Everyone who isn’t registered to vote in Alabama really needs to fuck off out of our state right now.  All they are doing is shoveling road-kill and old tires into this dumpster fire.



9 Replies to “Y’All F*ck-Off Now, Ya Hear”

  1. There’s literally zero credible evidence that Moore’s ever done anything criminal. Let’s assume he’s done stuff creepy. His opponent Jones is a full-hearted supporter of day-before-birth abortions. That’s babies one day from being born, sliced up and vacuumed into a bin. I know which side of that equation I’m on. But then I’m not very susceptible to Progressive propaganda.

  2. ” I didn’t want to choose between Hillary and Trump so I didn’t vote.” Jeepers. Couldn’t choose between Hillary and Trump. Good God.

  3. JK. B, the answer is obvious. Vote Moore. He can always be replaced if necessary. You vote for Jones you might as well inject yourself with Stage 4 brain cancer cells.

  4. Think of it this way: when you punch someone in the face, you don’t wash your hands first. Dirt on the knuckles just adds to the effect. Putting Roy Moore in the Senate will be a punch in the face to a lot of people who badly need it.

  5. FWIW, if I was in Alabama, I’d vote for Moore. My standard for this sort of last-minute, “October surprise” is that I assume it’s BS and ignore it. Why should I believe that someone bringing up something like this, 40 years after the fact, is credible at all? This guy has been in public life almost 40 years and the biggest objection to him has been that he has too Biblical a worldview. Supposedly he did all this crap 40 years ago and no one anywhere had heard of it?

    Then his accuser forges a copy of Moore’s secretary’s signature on some document into a yearbook, where she undersigned her initials (DA) to show it wasn’t him and some idiot thought it was Moore signing it as District Attorney. Nope. No. No. No. No.

    Sorry, my bullcrap filter is clogged and has to be cleaned out.

    It’s like Trump being called a “racist fascist”. There are documented photos of Trump winning civil rights awards with Al Sharpton and Rosa Parks. He had never been accused of being racist, until he started to run against a Democrat.

    And the other side of what Law of Self Defense says about “literally zero credible evidence” is that we’re reducing the standard of guilty from “beyond reasonable doubt” past “51% chance” to “somebody claims”. No. Just. No.

  6. …and you claim to be an engineer? You, sir, with all due respect, need to start using the intelligence with which you were born, and the analytical skills you worked to acquire, in order to be an engineer, in the realm of political and social “issues of the day.”

    Now, I’ll confess, I didn’t come to see Trump as he is without a bit of resistance myself. In point of fact, my wife had to drag me into it. EVERY TIME you see something in the media crowing about the terrible, horrible, very bad thing Trump said, or did, you then MUST go to the ‘net, and find the video of the event. Then, you MUST see or listen to what actually was said or done. You will, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, find that, whatever the media have claimed, what actually transpired, or what Trump actually said, was far less uninformed, stupid, boorish, or whatever, than claimed. In fact, you’ll usually find that what he did or said was actually pretty sane and, dare I say, reasonable.

    As a fellow member of the tribe, and a fellow engineer (MIT ’79), I find it incredible that you couldn’t bring yourself to vote against Herself by pulling the lever for Trump. And I find it equally incredible that you have any difficulty at all, discerning a reason to vote for Moore, to have another vote in the senate for Trump’s agenda. Use your investigative and analytical skills, and use your intelligence to see where the media, the dumbocrats, and the never-trumpers are trying to lead you, and the erroneous beliefs they have managed to instill in you.

    While I agree that Trump can be uncouth, boorish, and all of that, he is our most effective instrument currently available to us for preventing, or at least delaying, the take-over of our country by the left. And, as we celebrate tonight, sometimes a small group can effect dramatic change.

    Chappy Chanukkah

    1. It is a matter of principle. I am tried of having to vote against one candidate. I want to actually vote FOR someone. As long as a vote against one candidate is seen as tantamount to a vote for the other, we’re going to continue to asked to chose the cleanest turd in the punch bowl.

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