My only take on the Moore v. Jones Alabama Race.

The Democrats are celebrating they managed to squeeze 20,715 votes over the Republicans after running a campaign that had untold millions of dollars spent, unproven accusations of pedophilia, practically 100% FREE negative news coverage against Republican candidate and the ceremonial sacrifice of two sitting Democrat Senators.

Just for bragging rights to say Trump is losing.


PS: The clock on pedophilia as useful tool against an opponent is now on. It may be use to some effect a couple of more time, but it will probably die sooner than expected as all the sexual scandals do. Don’t believe me? We went from Gary Hart losing his political future for a fling in 1988, to Bill Clinton getting his cigar smoked in the Oval Office in 1993.

PS 2: So I could not help myself last night.



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  1. Everyone accusing him of “pedophilia” is either ignorant or is trying to intentionally conflate “pedophilia” with “underage.”

    “Pedophilia” is sexual attraction to prepubescent kids. That’s not the same as dating “underage” kids, no matter whether you like the person or the legality of the underage dating.

  2. The way I look at this: the Roy Moore dress rehearsal is finished. Now the D’s are on to the main event — which is to repeat these tactics against Trump.
    They will argue that all the senators who opposed Moore — people like Flake and Shelby — must now “obviously” do the same against Trump because he too stands accused of being a Bad Person.

  3. … and, to amplify that comment, the problem in the Catholic Church was NOT “pedophile priests.” For the most part, the priests’ victims were teen males–adult bodies surrounding immature, vulnerable minds. The usual lefty suspects wanted us all to think otherwise, because pedophilia (or pederasty) is said to be fairly rare, even using the Kinsey “data.” What actually occurred, in most cases, was simply a manifestation of the emphasis put on the attractiveness of youth by ORDINARY gay men, which is a far larger population tnan “pedophile priests,” and a problem endemic to the gay community.

    In engineering, precise use of language is important. It is just as important in the realm of social and political issues. A problem inaccurately specified will never be solved.

    Further, to this point, ALL of the claims that I have seen made against Mr. Moore have been found to have significant inconsistencies. Whatever you think of Mr. Moore’s politics, the sexual allegations against him do not hold up to even casual scrutiny, except among the media and never-trumpers. That’s why I suggested to J Kb yesterday that he apply his engineer’s training in data analysis and investigation before forming erroneous opionions based on the media (where the s/n ratio leans far toward noise, rather than signal).

    1. …”(form) opinions based on the media (where the s/n ratio leans far toward noise, rather than signal).”

      tru, dat. The Darling Wife discovered that I have Tourette’s, each time she tuned in da Nooz. And, since I am an alumnus of the Detroit Fire department, when my Tourette’s acts up, the paint has blistered.

      In fact, your assessment is kind, IMHO. I would assess it as trending considerably farther toward “static” than “signal”.

    2. Yes, precisely use of language is important in social and political issues — IF your goals are honest. This is why so many people go out of their way to avoid precise language in those settings. They want to pull one over on you, without having you realize what’s happening.

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