The Alabama race inside perspective

I read Miguel’s post and I wanted to do one more.

Roy Moore was a garbage candidate.   Every media outlet focused on the sexual accusation against him.

Leaving that aside, he was suspended from the Alabama supreme court – twice – for violating the law, one time for violating the First Amendment.  I don’t take kindly to judicial activism be it Left wing or Right.

He was a bloviating, evangelical, asshole who got into trouble with the law for his antics.

He comes from the Joel Osteen school of evangelicalism.  A lot of show of faith but not a nice person in practice.  (I believe a millionaire televangelist is nothing but a blasphemer who takes the Lord’s name in vein for personal weath.)

Yes I agree that the Supreme Court of Alabama should not have a tax payer funded 10 Commandments statue in front of it.

His press conference were a train wreck.

He declined to debate Jones.

His media surrogates were a clown show.

And on Tuesday the people of Alabama, in a narrow margin, decided that Jones was the cleanest turd in the bowl.

I didn’t find the results of the election too surprising.   It was a microcosm of the National election with the high population density, educated, and black counties going Dem and more rural white counties going Republican.

What worries me is that this will send a message to the Dems that Alabama can be the Deep South’s Colorado.   They have a tiny toe hold and can now ship in California liberals and Bloomberg lackeys and turn the state purple.

The national Dems need to understand that a vote for Jones was not a vote for Schumer or Pelosi.

Hillary Clinton and the God damn celebrities taking a victory lap like they won in Alabama is just fucking insulting. No, Hollywood did not win in Alabama. Hillary Clinton did not win in Alabama. Roy Moore lost. Making the Alabama special election a national referendum is a huge fucking mistake.

A big test for Jones test will be if concealed carry reciprocity gets voted on in the Senate.  It’s easy for a Democrat to say he supports the Second Amendment when it means duck hunting with an over-under. It’s something totally different when it means the right to bare arms in public.  In Alabama, we love our carry permits.  We’ll see if Jones supports Alabama or the Party.


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  1. The national Dems need to understand that a vote for Jones was not a vote for Schumer or Pelosi.

    They won’t. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but they decided in their own minds a long time ago that the #ALSen race was a referendum on Trump and the wider GOP in general. Then, rather than see how the referendum turned out, they poured God-knows-how-many MILLIONS of national dollars into the race to make damn sure their opponent lost.

    This wasn’t a “referendum”; it was a bought election. But they will never understand that because they’ve already decided it’s a referendum.

    Hillary Clinton and the God damn celebrities taking a victory lap like they won in Alabama is just fucking insulting.

    Nothing new. What are those people, if not f*cking insulting?

    A big test for Jones test will be if concealed carry reciprocity gets voted on in the Senate. It’s easy for a Democrat to say he supports the Second Amendment when it means duck hunting with an over-under. It’s something totally different when it means the right to bare arms in public. In Alabama, we love our carry permits. We’ll see if Jones supports Alabama or the Party.

    Again, I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I believe CCR is dead. It was probably dead before the Alabama election, but if a vote happens now, I believe Jones will vote against.

    I was chatting with the Missus about the ramifications of the election and how Jones will perform. He’s been billed as a moderate Democrat (for whatever that billing is worth), and some might believe he might side with Republicans on some issues.

    I tend to disagree with that, though. These days, there are no “moderate” Democrats; there are Party-line Democrats and there are Independents. The Democrats have been more lock-step in recent years than I’ve ever seen. A “moderate Republican” may vote his/her conscience and side with Democrats on some issues and his/her constituents will be OK with it, but when was the last time a Democrat of ANY flavor voted against the Party line and didn’t face backlash from his/her own side?

    No, in my experience a Democrat WILL vote the Party line. Every. Damn. Time. Ergo, regardless of what they say, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for the Obama/Clinton/Schumer/Pelosi agenda. Jones will be no exception.

  2. Dems gonna dem, it’s in their DNA. Once he gets sworn in he won’t be able to restrain himself from burying his nose up Chucky’s behind.

  3. Textbook example of having to select either a douchebag or a turd sandwich. Tough choice when both choices suck.

    Guess the turd sandwich won.

  4. Frankly, I’m frustrated and appalled at the apparent attitude of far too many Alabama republicans. It’s obvious to anyone who cares about our country, who has a brain, and who chooses to use it (which excludes most dumbocrats, most of hollyweird, most of the media, and, unfortunately, all too many in the republican establishment) that anything other than a win for Moore would saddle us with a senate vote against sanity on immigration, border security, anything having to do with the second amendment, and a host of other issues. No matter what they say while campaigning, dumbocrats at the national level, and, for the most part, at the state level, always vote their party, regardless of the harm it does to their constituents. I wouldn’t care if Lucifer himself ran with an R after his name (which wouldn’t happen–it’s been a D every time), you have to vote the R to have even a slight chance of sanity on any of these issues.

    Unfortunately, pretty much all of the Ds in this country, and far too many of the Rs and Is, are seduced by the force of the media noise machine, and never do the investigation to which I’ve alluded. I’ll give two recent examples:

    1. A few weeks ago, a video of Trump dumping fish food was all over the media. The uncut video showed Abe walking, with Trump following him, each carrying a box of fish food. Abe spooned out some fish food. Trump spooned out some fish food. Abe spooned out some more. Trump spooned out some more. Abe, having, apparently, gotten down to the end of his fish food, dumped the remainder into the water. Trump, mirroring him, did the same. The media showed only the bit where Trump dumped the last of his fish food, cropped so as to exclude Abe. As is typical of our media, that was not an accurate representation of what occurred.

    2. A few weeks ago, during a trade meeting with the South Koreans, the media made a huge deal about Trump asking for Korean automobile plants in the US. Of course, he was derided as an ignoramus, who didn’t know that there were numerous Korean auto plants in the US. The uncut speech, however, had Trump thanking the Koreans for the numerous Korean auto plants in the US, and saying he’d like more of them. Again, that’s not at all what was reported.

    I could quote MANY more examples. EVERY TIME you see the media portraying Trump as a boor, an ignoramus, an irrational being, or whatever, simply assume that you’ve been shown a carefully selected excerpt of the event, calculated to show him in the worst possible light, find the unexcerpted video, and, with it, the truth of the matter.

    During the Moore vs Jones campaign, you could, safely, make the same assumption about any story that cast Moore in a negative light. Unfortunately, far too many in Alabama failed to recognize the need for researching the truth, and the rest of the country is poorer for it today.

    1. @Ivan HTF Place:

      Right on.

      Personally, I’m still undecided on Moore’s guilt vs. innocence. I’ve not seen evidence against him, nor has any of it been submitted for forensic analysis.

      For me, that’s a big red flag that the accusers might be full of sh!t.

      But what really irked me about the allegations was the GOP establishment’s response. Mitch McConnell came out and said that Moore should step aside because of the accusation (which was then [and remains today] unproven and generally unsupported), as should any other Republican facing such accusations.

      Great, Mitch! Just hand the Dems the ticket to defeating ANY AND ALL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES. Forget spending $20 million running ads; just find some desperate lady willing to accept $20,000 to level an unsubstantiated allegation a couple weeks before the election, to which the Republican MUST step aside or face the backlash from his own party.

      It’s no wonder the GOP is dying. They hold their voters in contempt while attacking each other, and during election time they have the chutzpah to treat us like a battered spouse, in a sense saying, “Where else you gonna go? Who else will support you like I do?” And then they can’t figure out why their constituents are pissed off.

      1. I’d forgotten about the “any other republican” bit. That explains why Gillibrand and Bernie are now using this attack as an argument for why Trump should resign.
        It will be difficult, even for politicians, to come up with a justification for taking one position with respect to Moore and the opposite one with respect to Trump.

        As for “GOP is dying”, the main issue I see is that most Republicans have no discernable principles, while most Democrats do (the wrong ones, un-American and unconstitutional ones, but they are clear for everyone to see). Add to that the fact that republicans act like a minority party even when they have the majority, witness for example their absurd clinging to the filibuster.

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