Because God made them dumb.

I have the firm belief that people never look up. Anything about 20 degrees up from their horizontal visual plane simply does not exist. And if they look, they simply do not process what they saw unless is some naked supermodel doing cartwheels on a self.

And when you add stupidity and greed to the mix, you get a funny news item involving crime:

A person came into the store, pointed a gun at the clerk, and demanded money. After taking cash, the person ran away.

The clerk was not hurt.

Officers set up a perimeter around the area of the store following the robbery but did not find the suspect.

As officers carefully reviewed surveillance video of the robbery, they saw that the clerk, Terry Hopson Jr., age 43, of Roanoke, removed additional cash from the register after the suspect had left and put the money in his back pocket.

Hopson was arrested for embezzlement and taken to the Roanoke City Jail.

Clerk arrested for embezzlement following armed robbery in Roanoke

Keywords: Surveillance video.

Really Junior? The cameras? You never thought about the damned cameras?

God Bless his little heart.

Hat Tip John R.

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