10 Replies to “Why We Carry.”

  1. “…time to go back to what works…” unless, of course, you’re a Jew, a Gypsy, homosexual, or a communist, besides those folks, well, at least the trains ran on time! (Yes, I know I’m commingling my fascists)

    BTW, the mother of my children is Jewish, by heritage, from her Romanian grandfather. Guess what that makes my kids, in this Brave, New World young Einstein is proposing? Yep. It may happen, but not while I’m upright to state my case that “it ain’t happenin here, not now!”

  2. Every time I think liberals can’t go any lower, can’t become any more base, can’t become any more morally repugnant, one comes along to remind me that they truly have no nadir.

  3. Translation:

    “We lost an election, so it’s time for violence. Let’s make this guy’s kids targets so he’ll back down and do what we want.”

    The reason they’re “anti-fascist” is they don’t like competition.

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