Cuomo can kiss my ass – build the wall edition

Yesterday I posted my opinion about Cuomo’s out-of-touch-with-the-middle-class bitching about the NYC tax cut.

Tuns out that because of the reduction in federal tax deductions from state and local taxes, some of the super wealthy want to bail on New York for lower tax states.

I say Trump should build a wall around Manhattan and California and keep those fuckers there.

One: Make them suffer the cost of the high tax burdens put in place by the party they support.

Two: Keep them from infecting Red states with their stupid ideology.

They voted for total Democrat control, they should be forced to face the music for their decisions.  Nothing is more out of touch elitist than voting for the party of high taxes then having the privilege to move when those taxes get too high for their liking.

One Reply to “Cuomo can kiss my ass – build the wall edition”

  1. I live in upstate New York, and I think the elitist liberal hissy fit over what’s going to happen when this goes into effect is a hoot. I’ll be fine, I can take care of myself financially, but coming into an election year, Chancellor Cuomo has got to HATE that the taxes of influential New Yorkers will go up because of his brutal mismanagement. If he loses NYC, he’s finished, New York State already looks like the American electoral map, with almost every county in upstate being red and only that miserable urban dystopia being the ruling blue area.

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