Future Taxes

So, I got into it online in the comments about Trump’s tax plan.  According to the tax plan calculator I will save a good bit of money, about 9 months worth of car payments for a new truck.  I’m excited by it.

Some internet shit-weasel was arguing against me in this.

I said I pay a lot in taxes and getting a break like this will help me afford a new truck (my current one is 15 years old – yes I’m still driving the ’03 Chevy I got as a college graduation present from my dad).

In all the back and forth, my anti-Trump foil shot back with “even if it does help you now, it will expire in 2025 and you taxes will go up again.”

I was blown away by this.  “Your taxes will go up seven years from now” is his argument why this is bad?

Is this how these people really think?

I hope my taxes go up in seven years.  I hope my taxes double or triple in seven years.  I’m turning 35.  I am a well educated professional.  I hope by the time I’m 42 my income has made substantial gains.  If I am making marginally more at 42 as I am at 35, my life has taken a severe turn for the worse.

An MD should double his or her salary between being a resident today and being a doctor in private practice in seven years.

A lawyer should double his or her salary between being an associate today and being a junior partner in seven years.

Then it hit me, if this guy is a Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican Lesbian Art Studies major, he’s not going to see a great gain in his income at Starbucks.

For the rest of America that didn’t piss their college tuition away on bullshit, it should be a goal in life to go up a tax bracket or two seven years from now.

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  1. Got into it w/ a guy because I opposed some federal tax increase. Stated I had just had a $500+ tax increase at state level.

    His response/solution?


    When I asked him how much more he voluntarily gave to the gov’t, he refused to answer.

    So again, he won’t willingly give the gov’t the extra money he thinks they should have for his pet cause but wants to force everyone to pay more and damn the consequences.

    1. You misunderstand their worldview.

      If California has a policy they like, but they live in Texas with you, then the reasonable thing in their eyes is not for them to move to California. No, the only reasonable solution to their problem is to implement the policy in Texas and for YOU to move somewhere else if you don’t like it. Tennessee, perhaps.

      Then, in a couple of years, they have to move to Tennessee to find a job. See, Texas went downhill after they implemented that policy and now there are no jobs. But one’s got nothing to do with the other!

  2. Pre-Colombian Mesoamerican Lesbian Art Studies – and a lot more of these ‘esoteric’ majors – are more commonly referred to as ‘Pre-Barista’.

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