Netflix dad skills

I’m on vacation.  I am using this to catch up on season 2 of Stranger Things.  In episode 8, The Mind Flayer, I saw something that made me stop and have to post.

Dear Third Wave Feminists, Social Justice Warriors, Pajama Boys, and Soy Boys,

This is masculinity right here:

That is Jim Hopper, carrying a sleeping child and a flashlight in one arm,  providing cover with an M4 with the other, escorting the women and children out of harm’s way.

That is what it means to be a man, being a supporter, protector, and defender.

If you are dealing with a problem and are not sure how to proceed, ask yourself this question:

What would Jim Hopper do?

The answer is: say “fuck,” smoke a cigarette, do the responsible thing, then have a beer.

For 99% of life’s problems, that’s a pretty good solution.

3 Replies to “Netflix dad skills”

  1. Amen guy. I luv how these modern “men” cant do anything let alone know how to protect their family. Screw em. When the zombies come they will provide ample food.

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