Daddy’s money

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders went to Twitter with this fact about the tax bill.

Some #resistance dipshit fired back with this.

This is the profile for RESISTAllDayOK.

“Love trumps hate, lets eliminate Trump supporters.”¬† Their definition of “love” is very different than mine.

The girl in the picture looks like she’s in college, so I have a feeling she’s still on daddy’s money.

For working Americans, lets see what a family of four making $45,000 a year looks like.

$45,000/yr is roughly $21.00/hr.   That is median for a CNC machinist in Alabama.

Dad had an Associates and is a machinist.¬† Mom is a stay at home mom because the cost of daycare for two kids is more than she’d make with a full time job at $12/hour after taxes.


The median income for automotive service technician is $16/hr.  That comes out to about $33,000/yr.

Dad is a service tech changing oil at the Midas and mom has a minimum wage job with two kids in public school.

What will an additional $120/mo buy them?

That’s two full tanks of gas for dad’s used F150 making it easier for him to get to work.

That’s an additional week’s groceries.

That is a used car payment for mom.

That is the chance to take the family out for dinner and movie.

For a family on a tight budget, $120/mo can make a big difference in quality of life.

But according to¬†RESISTAllDayOK, this makes the Press Secretary an idiot.¬† The because she can spend $120/week in Starbucks or $120/night in microbrew on dad’s Platinum Visa card, what a working family goes through is nothing she knows or cares about.

The funny thing is, when she graduates with her degree in Transgender Dance Studies and starts making $11/hr at Starbucks, $120/mo will be important to her.

3 Replies to “Daddy’s money”

  1. “Love Trumps Hate”

    Yes, nothing says love like throwing a molotov cocktail at a police car, assaulting a person with a MAGA hat, and calling for open, violent resistance to the elected government.

    This is why I carry, and why I’ll never give up my guns.

  2. As for the “Love Trumps Hate”, don’t read it as an affirmation of the power of love; instead, read it instead as a fondness of hating the current president.

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