Why I can’t go to Italy.

I’d develop my own gravitational field.

From the Youtube page:

“All the ingredients in order of comparison. Capslock when is cheese: Filoncino bread, olive oil, PARMESAN, dried ciliegini (sweet tomatoes) with basil, fresh salad (radicchio+lettuce+lemon juice and lemon zest), fresh tomatoes
(Ramati), GRATED CACIOTTA, GRATED SHEEP RICOTTA (the same he serves on a plate in the meanwhile. The one in the plate has been aromatized at the moment with fresh garlic, olive oil and origano), more RICOTTA, olives, red sweet onions and some more dried ciliegini.
The filling roll: Slices of a massive CACIOCAVALLO CHEESE, mashed potatoes with parsley and oil, ham, more RICOTTA, more sweet onions (with a drop of lemon this time), parsley.”

I shed manly tears because I could not lay my hands on such beautiful work of culinary art.

4 Replies to “Why I can’t go to Italy.”

  1. You noticed he took most of the bread out of the bread’s crust to make room for the good stuff, right?

    Now if we can only get them to leave the rest of the bread out, that would be great meal.

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