National Reciprocity is Dead.

According to the people in the know, there is simply not enough time or political capital left to get it passed this year.

But make no mistake, this is not a triumph for the Opposition but a defeat for us because it was people on our side of the fight that did whatever they could to kill National Reciprocity. 

The Legislative Nazis apparently did not like that the bill was not 99.44% pure (or what they thought purity meant) and sabotaged us every step of the way. Combine that with the sea of Chest-Thumping Morons that never read a bill and much less could comprehend it but have no problem gorging on what the Legislative Nazis scream a top of their lungs and we have a poison pill manufacturing facility of our own making.

Our challenge for early next year is to start culling these groups from the process and basically have them ignored by the legislators. Let me make this very clear: Courts are not the way we want to keep securing the Second Amendment, we need to take control again of the State Legislatures and Congress.  Check your group’s history with a clear visions and see what have they actually achieved legislative-wise. If their claim is that they “supported” but cannot produce text they created in the bill, you have been pouring money in the wrong account. And if your group openly worked to sabotage a less than perfect pro-gun bill, you need to sever ties with it. If a lobby group does not understand optics in politics, it should not be doing lobby work.

To quote Dennis Miller “it is time to thin the herd.”

PS: We do need a Bloomberg for our side, specially for Florida where a bunch of Pro Gun activist are in the south and Tallahassee is way up north.