Dear Jews of Texas

Dear Jews of Texas,

I just saw this though it is a couple of days old.

Texas Imam: Judgment Day Won’t Start ‘Until Muslims Fight the Jews in Palestine.’

The Clarion Project report on this Houston based Imam contains a video with English translations.

What we have seen throughout Europe is ISIS inspired Islamic terrorism, fomented by radical European Imams.  The attitude is “if [a Muslim] can’t go to the Middle East and fight for ISIS, it acceptable for him to fight on ISIS’ behalf at home.”

While this Imam in Texas may be calling for Muslims to fight Jews in Palestine, but based on the way other Islamist terror groups have behaved, attacking Jews who support Israel locally would be an acceptable proxy target.

Here is the website of the Texas Department of Public Safety section on a Licence to Carry (LTC) a handgun.

Here is a list of ranges and instructors for LTC training in the Houston, TX area.

I suggest you follow these links and gets yourself a handgun, apply for your LTC, and start practicing with it as quickly as possible.

Right now there are a lot of pre-Christmas deals on guns out there, including some serious manufacturers rebates.  Now is the time to arm up, if you haven’t already.


Shit might be getting very real for you very soon.

God bless.

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