If it saves just one life…

I have a blowout kit (IFAK) in my car, another in my wife’s car, and an a third in my range bag.  I have surgical shears, nitrile gloves, several Israeli bandages, tourniquets, and Z-Pack dressing.  I am in no way a medical professional, I did some  basic combat lifesaving training with the Guard in college and have watched a number of YouTube videos on how to use the stuff I have.

I’m just an amateur, but the range I shoot at is 30 miles from the nearest hospital, and has bad cellphone reception.  If someone has an AD, my fucking about with a tourniquet may be the different between life and death when getting to an ER is going to take half and hour.  I am willing to take that risk.

Carrying medical equipment like that is a lot like concealed carry in general.  I’m not a professional gun fighter, but I’d rather do my best as an amateur than die with my thumb up my ass waiting for the professionals to show up.


I’m reading a segment from a news article when I come across this quote from a medical doctor.

“They would be something you could have in your closet in a small bag that you could pull out and go.”

Oh, like a blow out kit for MDs.  Maybe a little more advanced than what I have.

We’ve seen a couple of attempted terrorist acts in the US in the last few days, and a car attack in Australia.  Having some doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals carry some emergency trauma supplies as part of their EDC will only help save lives in these types of situations.


That’s not what The Guardian is talking about.  Nope.

Mangold was at a special workshop organized by a not-for-profit group whose mission is to make up for the lack of instruction on contraception and abortion at many US medical programs. But it doubled as a lesson in using a no-frills kit of basic instruments that, in the event of the practice becoming illegal in the US, could be stashed and carried discreetly, to perform covert abortions safely.

Yep, it’s a training program to teach medical students to do covert field abortions because TRUMP!!!

Khan wants to offer family planning “especially in underserved areas”. But he added: “I don’t know if I would still provide abortion if it was illegal, which is maybe in our very near future.”

Because that would take a Constitutional Amendment or the Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade, neither of which is going to happen in my lifetime, but why not use that as an excuse to have a fun and exciting day practicing abortions on fruit.  (Seriously, go to the article and look at the pictures, those are some happy, smiling faces practicing abortions.)

I warms the cockles of my heart to know that in a world where a Christmas market or marathon finish line, or anywhere else that people gather could be attacked at any time; we have medical professionals who are ready to rush in with portable field kids to stop bleeding and save lives murder the unborn babies.




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  1. Fact of the matter is, I, too, have a IFAK in my trunk (as does my CENA wife). Along with a duplicate of my used-on-da-streets-of-Da-Big-City medic bag. (Me? check! Darling Wife? Check!) My next project is an ankle holster for a TK, because, ya know, having one at hand kinda “takes the worry out of being close!” Another “first aid kit”, along with DW’s sidearm, and my own.

    1. +1 for the old fanny pack holster. I have a Voodoo Tactical fanny pack holster, contents are:

      1 Para Ord Warthog (10 round mag)
      1 spare 14 round mag
      1 Leatherman Wave
      1 Maglight XL50 LED flashlight
      1 EMT shear
      1 CAT Tourniquet
      1 4 in Israeli bandage.

  2. (Seriously, go to the article and look at the pictures, those are some happy, smiling faces practicing abortions.)
    Does that remind anyone else of the Southpark “Woodlan Critter Christmas?

  3. Ugh. Well said.

    Just to clarify, if Roe v Wade is ever overturned then the regulation of abortion would fall to the states, which is where it belongs. I believe that abortion is murder, but also believe in limited government. Let California have unlimited abortions, let Nebraska ban it, and let the rest find their own solution. Refer to Federalist 10 with any questions.

    1. I’m actually pro-choice. I agree with Roe v. Wade. I believe that abortion is a private matter between a woman and her doctor and that there is little compelling interest for the goverment to be involved in the early stage of pregnancy.

      It’s not the legals aspect that bothers me, it is the cultural one. I am disgusted by the alacrity by which the far left wants to engage in abortion. Forget “safe, legal, and rare,” they want to celebrate abortion the way other women celebrate birth (shout your abortion, for example). It is grotesque.

      1. Thank you for your reasonable response.

        Roe v Wade is tearing the country apart. Read Federalist 10. It explains everything. Humbling, that a 30-ish year old Madison warned us about this type of thing over 230 years ago. Issues like abortion, where the country is deeply divided, were supposed to be left to the states, and were only to be nationalized when a super majority developed and passed an amendment.

        Instead, a 50/50 issue was decided by a few judges, and now we have a massive number of voters for president who’s only concern is abortion (for and against) in the hope that he or she will appoint “nonpartisan” SC judges, who may impact the issue. We already know that the president could be a rapist and many single-issue voters don’t care as long as abortion stays legal (i.e. Bill Clinton).

        Plus it gives rise to factions. Again, read Federalist 10. It’s all there. It’s why the national teachers union actively advocates for abortion, even thought that leads to fewer students and therefore few teachers. It creates an unholy alliance of different groups who work together to gain 50.1% of the vote.

        Overturn Roe, give it back to the states, and many if those single-issue voters will ignore the presidential race and focus closer to home.

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