Puerco Asado / Lechon Asado  is a Cuban tradition. While Latinos in general love the pork, the Cubans enjoy doing the whole hog for the Christmas Eve supper. Lots of people are coming, covered dishes will be brought and a hog will provide meat for everybody. They get roasted in the traditional Caja China or if they cannot afford one or live in an apartment, local bakeries will roast the piggy in their ovens for a modest fee (no bread on Christmas Eve.) Obviously, the cheapest and freshest way to get your whole pork is to go to a slaughterhouse and buy it freshly executed.

But leave it to our friends in PETA to give you a small dose of Useless Florida Activist for the festivities. They were trying to save LIVES! Oh the Humanity!

Hispanics are very not buying this kind of crap from PETA. I still remember the debacle about a decade ago when they were allowed in local area elementary schools with anti milk propaganda and tried to be cute with a slogan in Spanish that went “Tira la Leche.”

It was supposed to mean to throw away the milk of dump the milk.

It turned out that in slang/gutter Spanish it meant “Go ejaculate.”

Parents were a bit upset when the kiddies got home and showed them what the nice weirdos visiting school gave them.


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