Christmas gift for my readers

Portland, Oregon, a group called Patriot Prayer was marching peacefully, trying to bring back “the reason for the season.”

Some pro-Communist punks decided that this group was being harmful and violating the “basic decencies that people deserve” by spreading their Christian message in public, felt that they should show up with a loudspeaker and try to harass and drown out the Christians.  Because… decency.  Even going so far as to call the Christian Flag a “white supremacist symbol.”

Mx. Gender-neutral Antifa Commie (that’s a woman’s coat he’s wearing), rushes across the street to harass these peaceful Christians, when a just and loving God takes him out hard with a red pickup truck.

The lord works in mysterious ways.


9 Replies to “Christmas gift for my readers”

    1. Ignoramus can’t even see the irony about what he’s doing.
      And that freedom of speech he’s complaining about- that’s the thing keeping him and his buddies off the lamppost.

  1. Wait … was the second idiot next to him saying the future is anarchist communist? I listened again and he said the future will be one class, democratic anarchistic communist. Either too idiotic to realize those are mutually exclusive or else a lying sack of sh*t who thinks other idiots will believe him.

    Anarchism is the opposite of communism. Communism is total government control and zero freedom.

    1. From the dude’s babble, he is just parroting things he picked up from other privileged Rage Against My Trustfund college twits that he doesn’t really understand at all.

  2. Note that one of the Antifa douchebags has a “medic pack” on him: black backpack, spray bottle, a red cross patch… and when the truck hits his comrade, he stands there utterly helpless.

    It’s one of the Christmas marchers – in full deer-hunter camouflage – that rushes across five lanes of traffic to begin tending to him with competent first aid.

    If The Resistance ever does start the civil war they’ve been begging for, your typical Cub Scout Den will have better skills.

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