Sicariato-Style Bike Killing.

Pasco County deputies are investigating the shooting death that happened on the intersection of Suncoast Parkway and State Road 54 around 5 p.m.They say they believe this is a targeted hit, and Sheriff Chris Nocco called the incident a “brazen act of violence.”
Sheriff Nocco said a man with known ties to a motorcycle gang was sitting in a truck at the light when two people on motorcycle pulled up next to him. Witnesses told deputies that the motorcyclists opened fire, shot the man in the truck and then took off on their bikes. “Our fear is that a random, innocent person gets hurt. The time of day this occurred, they’re a lot of people out, there’s a lot of kids out of school now or getting out,” said Sheriff Nocco. “This is a time of rush hour traffic.”

Source: Deputies: Pasco shooting death was targeted

This type of attack is highly effective. Even when you are at full attention, they only need you to stop behind another vehicle to have you boxed in and easy target.

May it be assassination, carjacking or just armed robbery, you are pretty much screwed up, short of seeing them coming and have a couple of seconds to initiate a response. Why I oppose Lane Splitting? Because it takes away that extra time by making “common” having bikes in between vehicles or maneuvering outside the lanes.


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