Ruger PC Carbine (9 mm) Oh yes!

Are we going to finally have a decently priced 9mm long gun? It seems so!

And it is a take down.

Retailing for $649, it packs a long list of goodies for that price, including the smart decision that they can use Glock mags besides their own factory mags.  If it manages to be sold in stores for under the $590 range, Ruger will sell a boatload of these.

Maybe the elusive Truck Gun is finally here.

PS: Again if they catch up in popularity: R.I.P. the overpriced AR-based 9mm carbine.

9 Replies to “Ruger PC Carbine (9 mm) Oh yes!”

  1. That’s truly great news right there. I spent about six months or more looking for something like this new Ruger and then finally found the parts to build a Glock compatible AR 9mm. At least with this new carbine, the owner has options if they want to have a pistol/ carbine combo that can share magazines.

  2. I have a Kal-Tec s2000 for my ‘truck gun’. Folds in half and uses my .40 cal so I can reach out and touch someone at a distance, if needed. This could be a nice addition as well since I always have lots of 9mm around as well.

  3. I always hated 9mm in the AR platform. Just seemed like it was way to overbuilt for what was really needed. I always wanted to see another pistol cartridge carbine in a more sensible package, along the lines of the camp carbine. If this does well I really hope they expand the line to other common pistol cartridges, and maybe even a few revolver cartridges. It would also be nice to see a conversion kit for the mag well, so the gun can take other popular pistol mags.

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