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Trump Derangement Syndrome – also known as TDS – is serious mental illness that is afflicting many people on the political Left.

It manifests itself in many ways.  One way to tell if someone you know has TDS is if they engage in strange and irrational behaviors related to Trump.  Such as believing that one of the most corrupt and ineffectual members of congress is a hero for screaming nonsensical statements about Trump.

Later stages of TDS include screaming “Auntie Maxine’s” nonsensical statements at an animatronic Trump at Disney World, scaring children.

In the case of journalists, it can be total protonic reversal of previously held opinions, causing all credibility to be destroyed at the speed of light.

Newsweek was solidly anti-gun.  Newsweek could always be counted on to portray gun owners in the worst possible light.

That was until Newsweek came down with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In Trump’s America, armed militias are heroes.


I’ve covered these douche bags before on Gun Free Zone.

The word redneck is typically used to insult a white person from a poor, rural background, a demographic that tends to be politically conservative. But now a group of far-left activists is reclaiming the word and using it to spark a working-class movement that promotes social justice and protects minorities.

I’m pretty sure that most Newsweek readers know what the word redneck means.  I can just about guarantee that redneck is a Newsweek reader’s favorite word to describe people in the South and Mid West.

Redneck Revolt’s website says it aims to put “the red back in redneck,” a reference to the use of the color red to represent communists and other members of the far left.

They are admitted Communist revolutionaries.  They are Che Guevara LARPers.  In a rational world, people calling themselves communists and running around with guns would be seen a pretty fucking dangerous and shown the same contempt as any White Supremacist Militia.  Perhaps more so, considering that Communist revolutionaries have a body count orders of magnitude greater than the Klan.  But not to people suffering from TDS.

Similar to the grassroots vigilantes who attended the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past summer, members of Redneck Revolt can often be found at protests armed to the teeth. But instead of protecting far-right white supremacists, members of Redneck Revolt provide protection for minority groups such as Black Lives Matter and other groups fighting for equality and justice.

They are there to “protect” minorities?  Like the same Black Lives Matter activists that Newsweek said wanted to “bring down white capitalism with ‘Black Christmas.'”

So… not so much protecting innocent minorities as being the armed thugs for a bunch of racializing anti-Capitalists.

They are a national network of community defense projects that, unlike many people on the left, advocate for the right to bear arms. Since the group was founded in 2016, around 45 branches of Redneck Revolt have emerged in more than 30 U.S. states, the group says. Their aim is to respond to the upsurge in extremist rhetoric and violence coming from white supremacist groups over the past year.

And see, I thought groups like the Michigan Militia and the (less organized) Bundy Militia were wacky, violent kooks?  If you take up arms because you hate the Federal Government you are a kook, if take up arms because you hate white people (remember: white supremacy is everywhere) you are a hero.

“The current political environment has seen armed militias intimidating people as they go into their mosques to pray, violent white nationalists attacking people in the street, Nazis openly calling for genocide all across the country, and political wavering around whether white nationalism is a defensible political ideology,” the group said in a press release sent to Newsweek.

There was ONE armed protest outside of a Mosque.  I’ve done several posts this year about the seething Lefty Social Justice hatred of Jews and white people.  These assholes are also calling for genocide, just for groups that the Left has no political love for.

It went on, “Redneck Revolt members recognize how real the threats of violence have become because of the friends and loved ones they’ve already lost, and they organize in community defense as both an obligation and a commitment to defend each other.”

Wait, what?  “Friends and loved ones they’ve already lost…”  Was there an anti-Communist street battle in the US and I wasn’t invited?  I didn’t even hear about it on the news.  Or did they mean that their rational friends and family told them to “fuck off” because of their stupid, racist, communism?

“[Redneck Revolt] is a pro-worker, anti-racist organization that focuses on working-class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate our lives,” the group said.

It also claims to have members representing a variety of political ideologies, including libertarians, anarchists, communists and independents. But the members share the goal of countering the growth of white supremacist movements and building solidarity among diverse members of the working class and the poor.

Democratic Communists, Libertarian Communists, Anarcho-Communists; they are all just variations on a theme.  They all want to kill you and take your stuff, the only difference is the color scheme of their bandannas.

Under any other conditions, a bunch of political extremists carrying AR platform rifles in public would cause Newsweek to clutch their pearls and swoon.

In 2017, as long as those extremists are part of the #Resistance, and claim to stand against Nazis (Remember, all Republicans are Nazis now), marching around with guns is good.


For Newsweek, the Second Amendment has limits… when applied to conservatives.  When it’s radical, racist, Communists AR’s are cool.

Sidney Harman overspent when he bought Newsweek for $1, a takeout Chinese food fortune cookie fortune has more credibility than these worthless fuck-shits.

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  1. Also luv it when they call nazis ” far right’….uuummm no. National SOCIALIST is not a far right thing…maybe if you go fffffaaaaaarrrrrrrrr right so you come back around left. The media is not nor will ever be We the Peoples friend.
    Well written Sir.

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