Finland and the future

I was tempted to write this post after the acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate for the manslaughter of Kathryn Steinle.  As much  as the media said that the verdict was fair, I highly doubt it.  Involuntary Manslaughter doesn’t require intent for a conviction, only negligence and guns, generally don’t just “go off.”  Trump made the killing of Kate Steinle a campaign issue in 2016, and I believe that San Francisco took to first chance it had to stick a finger in the eye of Trump and did so.

Just prior to that, California declared itself a sanctuary state in direct rebuke to Trump’s policies.

Transgender activist, gender writer, Social Justice Warrior, and all around hyper-progressive freak show, Zinnia Jones went to Twitter to say that all “undocumented immigrants” charged with crimes should be set free for political reasons (I can’t find the original Tweet, but her response doubles down).

That was all before Christmas.

The news from the last few days has made all this worse.

First was California Governor Jerry Brown’s pardoning of two illegal immigrants who were facing deportation, to butt heads with Trump.

Not to be outdone, Emperor Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo granted clemency to 61 people including 18 illegal immigrants, specifically to challenge Trump.

What we are seeing among the Progressive-Left is the creation of a super protected class of people to whom the law does not apply because Trump.  No matter what some Illegal does, he will be acquitted, set free, pardoned, or otherwise not suffer any legal consequences because Trump is in the White House.

Let’s talk about Europe.

Muslim migrants have become a protected class in Europe.  Gang rapes in the UK are covered up or ignored so as not to offend Muslims.  Sweden is incapable of prosecuting Muslim rapists.  At best, European nations warn women not to go out after dark.

European governments are so hog tied by political correctness that they can’t protect their own people.

This has given rise to vigilante groups like the Soldiers of Odin.

If the Finnish goverment can’t defend its nation’s women from raping migrants, than the decedents of the men who fought off the Soviets in the Winter War will have no problem going Finnish on the Muslim migrants with axe handles and clubs.

This is spreading across Europe and into Canada.

When the goverment can’t protect the people, the people will protect themselves.  The problem is that frontier is quick and vicious.

When homeowners outside of big Blue cities call the cops to report that that their property has been stolen and are told that it was most likely illegals and they can’t or won’t do anything about it; the next time said homeowner wakes up in the middle of the night to find some illegal pulling the copper wiring out of his pool pump he’s going to beat him with a shovel and leave the body in a ditch.

If the law is not applied equally by the State, people will take the law into their own hand.

4 Replies to “Finland and the future”

  1. Interesting, the “colors” worn by these guys have the organization name in English, and sorta mimic the biker gangs in the U.S. Coincidence?

    I’ve been wondering for some time now, how long before bodies with 3-7-77 notes attached start showing up in the lawless areas of deep blue cities. (if you don’t get the reference google “Montana Vigilantes”) In the desert Southwest I believe the “Three” S rule applies.

  2. And it’s likely that the problems in the US People’s Republics will just get worse- if the rest of the normal US doesn’t buy into the protected class thing. The criminals will then move to where it is safe, and bingo- more protected crime.

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