Shed the Badge

These couple of pics have been doing the travels around Facebook.


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The usual snobbery was to be had: “ZOMG he is Open Carrying a Hi Point! How Crass!” and “By Hercules’ soul! He has a nylon holster! That is so gauche!”

As for the Hi Point, I don’t care much. The idea is to have a Pew Dispenser and if you can only afford that, I am not gonna complain about it.  I am not crazy about the holster, but as long as it is not a paddle and it has some sort of retention device like this one does, you are somewhat OK. So, he is better than the Tactical Fudd that has a worked out SIG in an custom-made alligator paddle holster without anything to secure the gun.

However, the frigging concealed carry badge has to go. You do not need to give a prosecutor any excuse to screw with you in case you actually need to use your firearm in Self-Defense.

“So Mr. Jones has a badge that although it does not show he is a LEO, people may think he is one.  Maybe Mr. Jones secretly thinks himself as a police officer? Maybe his fantasy led him to behave recklessly and put himself in a situation where he eventually killed the victim.”

Don’t give the enemy the nails to seal your casket.

3 Replies to “Shed the Badge”

  1. The law we need is to lock up any person who’s dumb enough to be fooled by such a badge. With capital charges for any prosecutor who tries to bring an impersonating an officer charge to trial.



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