We live among a generation of Psychopaths.

I know that I am considered a bit extreme among some because I keep telling people we are facing an Opposition that has no problem getting us killed. Hell, the nice ones want us interned in concentration camps!

But the combination of an education where everybody winds and you should care more about your feelings than what is right, combined with years of mental infusion where kids are told “It is not your fault” are coming to deadly fruition.

25-year-old Tyler Barriss is a For Hire Swatter. He is the one responsible for placing a fake 911 call to Wichita police that led to the death of an innocent man. Barriss was hired to place the Swatting call because a couple of morons playing Call of Duty online taunted each other and one gave a false address.  But at that address people were living and Andrew Finch was shot to death by the cops.  He was not even a gamer and much less was he involved in that particular and stupid feud.

Tyler Raj Barriss.

Tyler Barriss was arrested in Los Angeles where he lives.  But before being arrested, he actually gave an interview by an  online personalityy and he pretty much said he is not responsible and showed and total lack of remorse for his actions:

Ladies and Gents, this is no longer something to be afraid but to be prepared for. As sad and un-christian it may seem, we no longer can afford to give the benefit of the doubt to people we don’t know and sadly we must believe that they have not only the capability but the lack of morals to have you killed.


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  1. If there is any justice, this douche just bought himself a whole lotta prison time. I think the “I wasn’t the only one responsible defense” is usually called accessory to murder. In addition as this was done across state lines, I foresee time as a guest at club fed in his future. Plus, confessing to making a false bomb threat, and admitting to a pattern of behavior, I hope he’s a very old man when he gets out.

  2. Yeah but nothing on the game of deadly simon says. I mean id be bop outside to see what the neighbors did too. With my gun on. I wouldn’t have even gotten the “want to play a game”. Knock knock, creek hey ….bang

  3. He should hang. The charge clearly needs to be first degree murder. Then again, the judge who signed off on the warrant is also an accessory. What sort of mentally defective morons take seriously a 911 call from four states away?

  4. The bastard will walk, a conviction would require admitting a judge, several officers and the entire damn department committed a crime. Plus he’ll be acquitted because fuck Trump.

  5. First off, they spoof the phone calls so that even 911 can’t tell its from the wrong place. This turd was calm on the call. He’d done it lots of times. Most certainly depraved indifference to the danger it poses to everyone involved. Apparently, he did 2 years for a bomb threat previously. The cops will not be charged or sued. The entire point of swatting IS to put the cops on edge so that something like this is most likely to happen. They were manipulated by a piece of shit that I hope will end up as a Zeta condom for the next 30 years.

    1. Spoof the call? Really? How? While it is true the phone system currently permits forged caller ID to appear for ordinary consumers, there’s another level of ID machinery that isn’t so vulnerable. The phone system knows who is calling, it must, that’s how it knows who to charge. The fact that criminals can robo-call you at home from all over the globe with false caller ID is ONLY because the phone companies are permitted to let that happen. It would be trivial to require them to reject out of country calls with US area codes in the caller ID, but no such requirement currently exists.
      Similarly, the 911 system knows where you’re calling from, that’s the whole reason I had to trade in my previous cell phone. Given that it knows, there is no excuse for this sort of stuff.

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