California imitates art

A study conducted by UCLA shows that 27% of California adolescents are “gender non-conforming.”

The most significant part of the study is that gender non-conforming youth are more than twice as likely to report psychological problems than gender conforming (normal) youth.

Part of me is wondering if UCLA put the cart before the horse.

I am reminded of the plot of Silence of the Lambs.

Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb was a miserable, depressed, abused, man, who hated himself and so thought that he was transsexual.  His transsexualism was a way of dealing with his self hatred.

Are the 27% of California youth really gender non-conforming or have they been so abused with hyper-progressive, identity politics, self loathing that they become gender non-conforming.

If some teenage boy hears that EVERYTHING bad in the world is the fault of white males, except for Caitlyn Jenner who is stunning and brave, maybe he decides it’s better to non-male-identifying  victim than a white, male oppressor.

California has gotten to the point were Hannibal Lecter makes more sense than actual California psychologists.



One Reply to “California imitates art”

  1. I’m not convinced. It’s from the UCLA, and lib groups are notorious for cherry picking and tweaking demographic info to support their argument (thus rendering the argument null n void).

    You really think someone w/ a full grasp on who/what they are are gonna answer a survey asking them if they feel girly or guyly? I wouldn’t.

    I also recall a demographic map from pre-election that broke down supporters in high school (not voters), and white boys n girls overwhelmingly supported Trump. I doubt they count themselves among the freaks.

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