Tactical Teacup Grip by the Army.

J. Kb. posted this picture and made the comment about the officer watching too many old movies.

Chris G. a buddy and fellow IDPA shooter contacted me in Facebook and let me know that the Tea-Cup Grip was army doctrine. It was called the Palm-Supported Grip.

That capture is extracted from the Army manual titled FM3-23-35 COMBAT TRAINING WITH PISTOLS M9 AND M11.

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Do notice that the manual was issued in 203 with updates in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008. According to Chris, the new update no longer carries the Tactical Teacup Grip in its content, but it took them all the way to 2017 to excise it from the pages.

Chris also made the comment that he got in somewhat of a hot water with an NCO because he chided the use of that grip when he saw it being taught.  The NCO came down on him because it was in the manual and that meant it is right. I guess there is the right way and then there is the Army “right” way.


4 Replies to “Tactical Teacup Grip by the Army.”

  1. Oh yes Miguel, there are 3 ‘ways’. The Wrong Way, the Right Way and THE ARMY WAY!
    No kidding.
    If it’s in a Field or Technical manual, it’s more than ‘alright’, it has nearly the same authority as religious dogma.

  2. Well I’ll be. The Army teaches it that way. For the very brief time I was in the Guard we were issued pistols (right after 9/11 when they had Guard stationed at airports) and never actually taken to the range to shoot them. We had a classroom instruction and that was the end of that. I’m pretty sure the M9 I held still had sand in it from Desert Storm.

  3. The only thing that should count is the score. If they are using the “straight out of Compton sideways grip” and the rounds are going where they are supposed to, then the grip is fine. Might not look good or be what “operators” like.

    Grip it tight, relax your grip, jam you hand up, hold lower, point your thumb straight and tuck your thumb in.

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