2018 is off to a bad start

Didi Delgado is some sort of author/poet/social activist.

Every notice how many of these social activists are authors and/or poets?  I didn’t realize one could make a living penning racist screeds for HuffPo.  Those who don’t do, teach, those who can’t even find a associate professorship become authors.

She went to Medium to publish her latest activist opinion.

8 New Year’s Resolutions For Radical Resistance: A progressive’s guide to fucking shit up in 2018.

Apparently 2017 was not enough of a Social Justice dumpster fire, Didi Delgado wants 2018 to be even worse.

She starts:

Pssstt… Progressives, Liberals, and would-be allies: I know you’re busy crafting tweets, signing petitions, and sharing anti-Trump memes… but do you wanna know the best way to ring in the new year? By dismantling oppression!

Here are 8 New Year’s resolutions for truly radical resistance.

Let’s go.

So does she recommend doing anything useful?

Of course not.  Let’s look at some highlights.

1: Steal stuff.

Before this gets taken out of context, I want to clarify that by “steal stuff” I mean “take things that don’t belong to you without paying for them.” Especially from rich people, corporations, or government institutions. We’re not going to subvert Capitalism by stealing from marginalized folks, and it doesn’t make sense to rob people who don’t have much to begin with. History has proven that nothing disrupts the State like the forceful redistribution of wealth and property. So make sure this is on your to-do list for 2018!

That’s right, she recommends robbery, burglary, and shop lifting.  If you don’t like Trump, just rip off a company or a rich person.  That’s not something that is going to backfire badly, no, not at all.

3: Give black women and femmes all your money

No surprise here folks. Buy somebody groceries. Pay somebody’s rent. Hire a Black woman in management, especially since Black women keep saving your asses. Add a Black mom to your phone’s family plan. If you’re broke, find some other privilege you’ve got and share that. Got a car? Help provide transportation to a Black family. Got a spare room? Let a Black woman crash. Got 6 hours? Offer to babysit. Got Netflix? Give me your password? Got a rich uncle? “O.J.” him and use the inheritance to bail 1000 Black women out of jail. Just do something! We need to focus on the most marginalized if we ever plan to get free, and that means focusing on Black women and femmes. Period. (If you’re looking for a resource of Black women and femmes who need support, follow the #DoneForDiDi Facebook group.)

Nothing like freeloading, except maybe racist freeloading.  I guess her writing isn’t paying the bills like she thought it would.  She wants your stuff and is going to guilt you into giving it to her because Trump.  If you don’t she’ll just steal if from you, I guess.

4: Commit yourself to hating cops more.

However much you hate the police, double it. Then double it again. Stop praising cops altogether. Stop sharing feel-good cop stories and photos. Stop calling the police on people of color. Stop pretending cops are here to help. They’re not. And when the Revolution comes (you know, the Revolution we pretend to want) it will be the cops and military beating our asses in the streets like they beat Black and Brown folks every day. Fuck the police, and fuck the troops. We’ve been brainwashed since birth to think that’s blasphemy. It’s not. This is about the oppressive institutions comprising our military and law enforcement. This isn’t about individual cops and soldiers — who are often just exploited kids fresh out of high school — but, yeah, fuck them too.

Did she not get the memo that the YUGE increase in Baltimore’s homicide rate is the result of under policing not over policing.  The real world effect of hating cops is no fewer dead black men at the hands of abusive police but a whole shitload more dead black men at the hands of other black men.  Didi Delgado really doesn’t care for actual black people in American cities, only her Social Justice ideologies.  Who’s the racist now?  Oh yeah, me for pointing that out.

5: Riot

We don’t need more petitions; we don’t need more folks calling our representatives. There’s a place for that in the Revolution, but that’s not what’s going to save us. “The whole damn system is guilty as hell,” remember? We need people who are willing to disrupt the system to bring about justice. And we need to do that by ANY means necessary, not just with the tools they permit us to have. Let go of the notion that there are “bad” ways to resist oppression.

We can’t reform this system because the system is working exactly as it was designed. If we truly want to bring about change, we have to look beyond reform and be willing to “not” burn it all down.

Ask Baltimore how well that worked for them.  Trump is still President but black neighborhoods in Baltimore still look like the aftermath of a war.

7: Stop voting

I vote with the same urgency that I fold my laundry. If I have something more important to do — and that includes binge watching She’s Gotta Have It — I’ll put it off indefinitely. “But DiDi! People DIED so you could have the right to vote!” Don’t try and shame me into investing in a popularity contest for old white men.

The concept of voting carries WAY too much weight in our society. We see voting as the height of civic engagement, when in reality it’s the bare minimum. Voting just isn’t as important as we want to believe.

Sour Grapes as a political strategy is a new one.  This is the only one I endorse, only because it will only secure more Republican victories.  Other than that, what is her alternative to voting?  We don’t appoint leaders after riots, the word for that is “Coup.”

If this is what the #Resistance has planned for 2018, than it is going to suck even worse than 2017.  Remember, the reason Don Quixote tilted at windmills is because he is insane (I always interpreted the book as that he had dementia).  From the outside looking in, these bits of advice come across as a terrible way to gain support.

Tell me to give all my money to black women, if I don’t they can steal it from me, then burn down the city I live in and hate the cops who protect me from the rioters?  And you want me to support you?  Um…no.

If you consider that these people are clearly insane and unmoored from reality, you can see why they think this will bring victory.

20 Replies to “2018 is off to a bad start”

  1. “And when the Revolution comes (you know, the Revolution we pretend to want) it will be the cops and military beating our asses in the streets…”

    So, the lines are drawn then, it will be the cops, military, patriotic American gun owners mostly from flyover country, and conservatives in general vs. the assorted gaggle of misfits comprising ANTIFA, progressives, and stupid urbanite Democrats. (None of whom own guns).

    Should be a pretty short “revolution”.

  2. The “no voting” thing is there to support the start of the revolution. If you don’t vote no one will address your issues. If no one addresses your issues you get mad and more prone to violence.

    People like this need the Dems to lose bad in 2018. If they perform well (probable) then these folks just look crazy & violent..

    She even mentions that black female voters saved everyone from Roy Moore. What if those women had listened to her? Then she’d have even more vitriol to spew about robbing and rioting. Don’t be fooled, she’s upset about Moore’s loss because it completely disproves her points.

  3. “Every notice how many of these social activists are authors and/or poets? I didn’t realize one could make a living penning racist screeds for HuffPo. Those who don’t do, teach, those who can’t even find a associate professorship become authors.”
    Most professional writers I know are to busy writing and getting published to do any sort of activist anything. They certainly don’t consider an odd Huffington post article enough to make a living. Oddly enough most liberal activists try to claim to be full time authors and poets even though they rarely have much or anything published. I think it’s either to steal some authority from a respected profession or to cover up that they are making enough being professional activists to live off of.

    1. First, she obviously has no expertise in applying words to paper (or screen), so consider that she may be one of many being funded by Soros to actually get out there and foment violence, and work toward the destruction of our society and culture.

      Second, how is it that no one (so far, at least) has commented on the fact that she is inciting people to kill their relatives for their money? “Got a rich uncle? ‘O.J.’ him and use the inheritance to bail 1000 Black women out of jail.” How vile is that? Is there a law in place which makes doing this such that she could be dissuaded from spewing such filth? What if someone actually commits such a crime at her instigation?

      Her free speech doesn’t require that I read her vomitus, only that I don’t try to keep her from doing it. I certainly don’t want to be close enough for her to get any of it on me.

  4. While reading the post I thought, “Boy, his parody detector is really broken.”

    Then I went to the SJW’s website. Muggeridge’s Law fulfilled yet again.

  5. We see voting as the height of civic engagement, when in reality it’s the bare minimum. — To be fair, this part is actually right. Too many of us see voting as civic engagement, and ignore the actual engagement part of local politics and then get frustrated with the options available for voting on.

    And I include myself in that. Time is precious and easy to devote elsewhere. But if you’re not talking to the party at a local/county/state level, then you’re not really engaged at all.

    The rest of her list is absolute hogwash, of course.

  6. “Got a rich uncle? “O.J.” him and use the inheritance to bail 1000 Black women out of jail.”

    So, advocating murder right after theft?

  7. I have seen people like Ms Delgado my whole life and specially back in South America. And while her “reasoning” makes sense to her, the equation is missing something very important and all people like her never realize it till it is too late:


    yup, they either do believe that being in the “nice side” will make them immune or never bothered to factor in mobs really don’t look to see if you read from the HuffPo regularly, they just steal your phone and tablet and your cash and credt cards, rape you and beat you.

    Believe me, it is such a sweet delight watching their shocked and bleeding faces after the looting and pillaging is over.

  8. Or simply “self-identifies” as black. Although she could be on the fringes of the La Raza crowd, leaning toward helping the blacks (especially those thousand black women in prison) “f*ck up” whites – our society, our culture, and our economy.

    Delgado is an Hispanic surname, isn’t it? She did imply that we non-people of color are responsible for everything that people of color suffer, didn’t she?

    Goes to show us that we should not be allowing “femmes” access to sperm banks. Procreation by this sort of girrrl only results in further pollution of the gene pool, and puts innocent young children at risk of brainwashing by violent, disturbed “revolutionaries” such as this poster-child for eugenics.

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