Blown away by Muskets

Piers “Muskets” Morgan must have had some major surgery over the Holidays.  It seems like he bad his head removed from his ass as well as an addadicktome, because today he Tweeted this.

That is both impressively smart and on solid moral ground.

The fact is the silence by Women’s Rights groups and other Social Justice leftists in the West has been deafening.

The fact is that the Women’s March and like minded groups CAN’T support the women in Iran.

The know deep in their shriveled, blackened hearts that the women taking off their headscarves to protest an oppressive regime  are infinitely braver then they.

They can’t invite the comparison between the women of Iran who are protesting for the right not to be stoned to death on the suspicion of adultery, or beaten for going in public without a hijab and a male escort and the women of progressive America who protested for the right to have the goverment to subsidies the copays for their birth control and fund abortion through Planned Parenthood.

To see someone like Piers Morgan call out the left for their taciturn support of an oppressive, Islamist regime, it means that they have nothing left to stand on.

3 Replies to “Blown away by Muskets”

  1. Well, he’s also extremely anti gun, so all he wants as far as support is supportive words. And tweets of course. Four of the last six world wars were won by tweeting.

  2. To the modern Left, Western = bad, and Non-Western = good.
    Because non-Westerns are not as contaminated by the evils of Dead White Male Western culture, said evils as preached by Western academics who live a very nice lifestyle based on Western technology.

  3. How can the Left support the removal of headscarfs when its heroine – The Butcher of Benghazi – has ranted about how Western women should be _wearing_ headscarfs in support of all those innocent muslimas out there – the ones who not only support their male folk taking sex slaves (so _they_ don’t have to suffer the attention of their husbands), but enjoy having those same sex slaves around for _them_ to beat, as well, making them (the muslimas) feel a little less like the absolute bottom of the pecking order.

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