Democrat Black Shirts

Let’s remember our fascist history.

In 1919 the Fascist part of Italy formed the  Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale, which translates to the “Voluntary Militia for National Security.”

They were more commonly known as the Camicie Nere, or “Blackshirts,” because of the color of their uniforms.

In 1923, they became the volunteer militia of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.

They were thugs and enforcers who helped maintain Mussolini’s rule with the help of “the bludgeon and castor oil*.

*Castor oil forms Ricinoleic acid in the bowel and irritates the digestive track causing it to spasm.  The Blackshirts would force victims to drink large volumes of castor oil, causing horrible, painful diarrhea, possibly resulting in death from dehydration.


United States Congressman from Minnesota, and Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee Tweeted this.

Once more as a screen capture in case he deletes it.


Yes, you read that right.  A sitting US Congressman seemed to endorse Antifa as a threat to President Donald Trump.

Antifa, who commonly take part in the Black Bloc to riot against conservative speakers and got involved in street fight in Charlottesville.

I’m not sure if Congressman Keith Ellison could have been any clearer that he believes that the role of Antifa is the Democrats’ Camicie Nere.


5 Replies to “Democrat Black Shirts”

  1. Imagine this. Some pajamaboy somewhere yootoobs “5 Can’t Miss Kung-fu Moves”, and thinks he’s now some sort of absolute badarse.
    He goes to a bar to start something, and the guy he decides to pick a fight with is just there for a well earned drink after a hard day on the job- who also happens to be a very experienced in MMA. He knows he could snap this twerp like a twig, but also knows that he’d be in for a whole lot of legal crap should it happen, so he just hopes the pest will go away.
    But there is a breaking point…

    That’s pretty much Antifa vs the rest of America.

    1. Forget the MMA fighter.

      Just imagine a lineman or wrecker operator who just finished a 12 hour shift in this weather trying to keep the power on or roads clear in freezing sleet. He’s tired, he hurts all over, except the parts that are so numb he can’t fell them. He’s going to have a beer before going to bed and getting up hours before dawn to go back outside and do it all over again.

      Mr. Antifa goes into the bar and proceeds to give this guy a piece of his mind about his (the guy’s) white privilege, how evil Trump is, etc.

      It’s not going to take much for that guy to shove his pint glass of Mr. Antifa’s ass, sideways.

      That’s why Antifa protests at places like Berkeley and Dartmouth. They know if they actually came down to to where working class Trump voters lived and started some shit, Mr. Grease-under-his-fingernails America would end that with a tire iron pronto.

      1. A better example!
        What the Che cosplayers don’t understand is that the System isn’t there to keep the Proletariat down and stop the Revolution.
        The System keeps them from decorating lamppost.

  2. Remember the days when Ladd Everitt, formerly of CSGV and now the head of Takei’s anti gun group would decry any disagreement with the gov’t or president as ‘insurrectionism’ and ‘treason’?

    Oh, right. That’s ‘different’.

  3. The chariman of the DNC is a communist and by supporting antifa (who are communist) is supporting an organization that wishes to destory this country. Subversion and treason in my book and the son of a bitch should be publicly hung.

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