The Kremlin Called…

Trump Tweeted this:

The media then shit their pants in horror.

Did I miss a day of history class when we were all nuked back in the 80’s?  I thought the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction kept the Soviets from attacking us for, like, 40 years.

Maybe Trump reminding Kim that this president has some lead in his pencil is more of a deterrent than Obama’s bending at the knee foreign policy.

At least that’s what I learned in my military history classes in college.

I think I am coming around on Trump in some ways.   I think he is petulant at times when it is inappropriate but there are times when I want him to let it off the hook. 

I’d love for him to go to the UN assembly and say:

“Do not expect me to act like Obama. As president, I have three things that he didn’t, a hot wife, a hard cock, and a Secretary of Defense who’s not afraid to kill some motherfuckers. You’ve been warned.”

10 Replies to “The Kremlin Called…”

  1. Relevant: (Money quote: ‘We f*cked up!)

    There was a guy at work yesterday mocking Trump for this button comment. I responded that “While it may seem trite to say it…sometimes you need to speak the language someone understands.”

    The guy paused for a moment, then nodded slightly and walked away thinking…

  2. I’m convinced at this point that Trump is playing 3-D chess, and is a great deal smarter than most people are giving him credit for.

  3. Hhhhhmmmmm as far as smarts go…. Trump is a BILLIONAIRE, I dont think you can be a room tempature IQ moron and become a billionaire, unless of course your name is Clinton…..jus sayin

    1. Bill’s pretty bright as well- you don’t go from rural Arkansas to POTUS while dodging scandals if you are stupid.
      Now Hillary, well, unless you count hitching her wagon to Bill early on.

  4. Kim’s army is starving, his people are starving, entire multi generational families are put into hard labor camps and worked/starved to death. Meanwhile, the little fat guy is working on expensive icbm’s and nuclear weapons.

    Something is going to eventually happen in that country. If the people revolt and Kim’s power is threatened, I can definatly see him launching his wad in a last act of knowing we’d level his country and kill all those that opposed him. He’s a petulant man child that appears to have the scortched earth mentality. I don’t think he would care about nuclear winter if his own people tried to take away his power. That’s what worries me, not words on a shitty social media platform.

      1. It’s important to remember that. The Red Chinese pretend they have no influence. In reality, they could easily invite Kim 3 for a “visit”, and when he shows up, march him off to the basement and give him the 9 mm treatment.

  5. I hate the media for making me like Trump.

    I preferred Cruz to Trump, but now I’m not sorry that he got the nomination.

    The man honey badgered his way to POTUS, I just hope that he continues to do that through the DC establishment.

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