5 life hacks to ruin your future

I’ve written about the website The Root before.

The Root is a black hate site that masquerades as a news and pop culture site, owned by the same media organization that owns Jezebel and Jalopnik.

I wouldn’t have even come across this article, except that Tucker Carlson talked about it last night.

I had to read it.

5 Life Hacks for Black People Who Want to Leverage White Guilt to Make White People Uncomfortable at Work.

What are the hacks?

1. If you need a day off and you have no PTO or vacation days left, cite Kwanzaa.

2. Jokingly drop the racism bomb … but with a straight face.

3. Get out of jams by referencing your hair.

4. Imply that they’re racist without actually saying anything.

5. Invite them to an über-black event even though they already had plans.

For the rest of the country it should be titled “5 ways to make black people toxic and unemployable in corporate America.”

This article is not satire.  Nothing in The Root is.  I don’t know if this type of white guilting works in progressive media companies, but out in corporate America, all it will do is plant the seed in the minds of employees that black people are an HR nightmare.  The author of this article, Damon Young, who writes under the title “Very Smart Brothas” is doing any impressionable black people who see this a great disservice.

I get that clickbait generates revenue and so Univision might night care, but crap like this is downright dangerously irresponsible to print.

3 Replies to “5 life hacks to ruin your future”

  1. Contrary to the opinions of SJWs in academia, media, and BLM, most white folks don’t have “white guilt.” Most Americans, regardless of color, want to be left alone to make a living, raise their children, and enjoy life in the manner that they prefer. Atoning for the sins of predecessors is NOT on the agenda.

    1. Actual people know they’re only responsible for their own sins; it’s the bigots who want to hold people accountable for historical acts of people who vaguely resemble them.

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