Bill Nye the oppression guy

California has some of the highest energy costs in the country, not because they are short on electricity, but because by mandating that so much of it comes from expensive green technologies, it costs a lot to generate.

Consequently, the costs to business is enormous, which among other factors, is driving business out of the state.

Bill Nye has a solution to this.

If you live in a state like Texas, Florida, or Tennessee, where jobs are booming, California, New York, and Illinois are going impose sanctions on you like you are a foreign country, because state’s rights or something.

I’m not sure how this would be legal and all without an act of Congress.

Seeing as how this would be an act by an oppressive state to punish those who fled to or live in a free state, I’d like to suggest the name of this proposed law be The Fugitive Carbon Footprint Act.  It seems fitting.

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  1. Regulating interstate commerce is the exclusive domain of the federal government. That State A cannot levy tariffs on goods from State B is, like, the junior high text book example of how the Interstate Commerce Clause Works. (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3)

  2. Hilarious comment/ safly I suspect neither California Legislators or Bill Nye have the wit or Education to appreciate the name pun.

    Shameless plug follows:I tell the story to prove a point.

    But California chases business away- my friends Davide and Geovanni Roman , free market entrepreneurs , had 4 well known Italian restaurants in OrangeCounty; young men still they built them from scratch after college graduation using their mother and grandmothers recipes , fresh from scratch cooking and 80 hour work weeks.Their signature is home baked Italian bread. California EPA informed them that the odor of bread baking is a pollutant and demanded that Stack scrubbers at approximately $150,000 per restaurant be installed, or face $1000 a day fines. The helpful CalEPA people suggested that they could comply by simply buying their bread rather than onsite baking.

    They shut down one restaurant and sold three and with their partner brother in law and best friend emigrated to Texas, where they now have two restaurants in DFW. They still bake their own bread and employ about 40 people. These 4 now work 60 hour weeks and marvel about how different it is to start a business in Allen and Dallas compared to California.

    I met them by eating at their restaurants and then had the opportunity to provide firearms instruction to them, their families and several staff members. They did NOT vote for the Evil Princess of Benghazi.

    As I said, they are now my friends-California’s lost 4 hardworking , taxpaying , people – employing “business creators”; California’s loss is Texas gain. How long can California continue to chase away men like these?

    I don’t think California cares.

    1. They care, but they really don’t care, if that makes any sense. They care enough to spend lots of tax money on studies, or on a Department of Entrepreneurial Promotion* (complete with large and expensive building), or tax breaks and subsidies to the politically connected.

      What they won’t do is a serious examination of the factors driving businesses away, nor will they change their SJWist government activism.

      *or whatever they call it

  3. Liberals/Marxists/Socialists are incapable of understanding cause and effect. Just look at all of the regressive clowns that have already left the people’s socialist paradise of Kalifornia and moved to places like Colorado, Oregon and Washington and have re-created the liberal tax hell and social turd farms that they fled from. Once they have fouled their nest in those new places AGAIN, they’ll move on to greener pastures, because you know, the former places of residence just didn’t get the formula correct, or the conservatives in that last location messed up the glorious plan and botched the results.

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