Colorado priorities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has undone an Obama policy protecting people in states with lax Marijuana laws from federal prosecution.

The Trump administration doesn’t like the idea of states violating federal law, apparently.

The Colorado Senate Democrats responded with this Tweet.

That is really fucking rich coming from the same cocksuckers who drove Magpul out of Colorado at the height of the gun boom.

Like they give a shit about small businesses and taxes.

Support the Second Amendment? Fuck your company.

Sell pot in violation of federal law? Dems got your back.

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  1. The funny thing is that the R senator from CO is annoyed at this — fair enough. But he is expressing his annoyance by promising to block judicial appointments. As Brett Baier pointed out, the right answer would be for him to introduce a bill legalizing pot at the Federal level. Clearly he should do that, if only to prove to the world he isn’t a hypocritical fraud. And who knows, it might pass.

    1. I am not a fan of asset forfeiture, but this is the first time I really want the goverment to abuse it.

      I think they should go after the pot shop owners and take all their money, their homes, cars, etc. It all came from drug sales.

      The Don should drop the boot on people who thumb their nose at federal law because they disagree with it. Teach those people a lesson.

    2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Let the states decide. Maybe have the Feds keep importation and smuggling illegal since we can grow it domestically, without a “Sporting Use Exemption?”

      I personally am very suspicious about the effects of long term pot use on people, especially the young. I think there are potentially adverse unknown physical and mental effects that will become apparent in the next ten years. There will be societal and social effects too. I also think future Driving While Stoned may cause almost as much carnage as drunk driving.

      I could be wrong. I am willing to let Colorado and the west coast be the experiment. Want to get stoned legally, move there.

      By 2030 we may know if my concerns are valid?

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