French Car Burning: ‘Playful’, Not Political.

Approximately 1,031 vehicles were set on fire on the night of December 31st and the early hours of the morning of January 1st, up from last year’s 935. The arson attacks have remained a constant feature over New Year’s, Bastille Day celebrations in the summer, and during incidents of civil unrest.

Many have attempted to try and make sense of why the arson attacks keep occurring year after year, often in so-called “Sensitive Urban Zones ” (ZUS).

According to Wieviorka, the car burnings began in the 1980s and 1990s in Strasbourg and are primarily carried out by urban youth, often from immigrant backgrounds but not exclusively.

Source: French Car Burning Continues to Rise as Experts Insist the Acts of Arson Are ‘Playful’, Not Political

American’s love affair with our cars does not allow such shenanigans. Dear God, there are people who lose their marbles if somebody scratches their car. Setting it on fire? They would beat the shit out of the culprit and then toss him still alive inside the burning wreck so he can enjoy the fruit of its destructive tendencies.

The very polite and self-restrained will just go ahead and practice head shots with their long guns at the invading pyromaniacs.

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  1. For many, the car is the first real major piece of private property investment they make. For some, it is the only one.

    I got my first new car in 2003, I still drive it. I’ve done all sorts of stuff to it (lift, mud tires, winch, Magnfalow exhaust, etc), because until 2012 is was the only big thing I owned. I didn’t have a house to fix up, there was no reason to put nice furniture in a rental I’d be out of in a couple of years. I wanted one nice thing and it was my truck.

    Cars also represent individuality and freedom. You attack my car, it’s not just some object I own and is insured, you are attacking an extension of myself.

    And I’ll kill you because of it.

  2. I would think the Left would be mad just because of environmental reason- just think of all the CO2 and pollutants a burning car releases!

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