This must stop

Back in September I wrote a post about the evidence that the Left was going to try and normalize pedophilia, having won on gay rights and making headway on trans-rights.

Homosexuality has always been tied to pedophilia in the public conscious.  This goes back to ancient Greece where pederasty was a cultural norm.

In the modern era, until very recently, the gay community has tried so fight against this, saying that “gay men are not pedophiles, that is an ugly slur.”

Well, 2017 was a culture war dumpster fire, and 2018 is going to ignite the whole landfill.

Last year, Desmond Napoles, was nine years old.  He is a drag queen, and so was made the star of the NYC Pride Parade.

Let’s be honest, drag is overtly sexual.  It is gay Vaudeville.  The sexual nature of the stage-names and costuming is over-the-top, that is part of the entertainment factor.

It was done by a nine-year-old boy to the cheers and applause of the NYC LGBT community.

Desmond is now upping the ante by creating a Drag club for kids in NYC, and the LGBT community has a new hero.

Wow, how has the gay community pulled a 180.

1969-2016: “Gays are not pedophiles , of course you can trust gay men to be teachers, Scout Masters, etc.”

2017 – now: “Look at that 10 year old drag queen, dressing and dancing in an erotic fashion on a gay pride parade float.

The LGBT community REALLY needs to consider if they want to embrace the stigma of pedophilia instead of reject it.  A lot rides on this, such as the undoing of gay rights in America.

How accepting will middle America be of a gay teacher or coach who has selfies on Facebook of him with a prepubescent drag queen?

As for Desmond, I don’t know what his parents are getting out of this now form their progressive friends, but they need to ask themselves this question?

Is the notoriety in the NYC progressive community now worth Desmond’s overdose or suicide by the time he’s 21?  Because there is no way this is healthy for him.  Really, that needs to be asked by every parent who looks at a drag club for kids and says “forget Boy Scouts, that’s what Junior is doing after school.”

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