Atlanta Police Chief warns about leaving guns in cars, 2A Pearl Clutchers shriek.

Atlanta Chief of Police Erika Shields tell Gun Owners not to bring guns and leave them in the car and people on our side get the vapors.

Ya’ll done fanning yourselves? Let’s talk and she some bullshit out of the way, shall we? First, allow me a small reminder to everybody: Police has no duty to protect. Just in case you forgot.

Next, there is an issue with guns being stolen out of cars, not as huge as some would like to make it, but it is happening and the fault resides in dumb ass gun owners who do not have a mean to secure their sidearms in the car. It is nobody else’s fault. Not the cops and certainly not the critters bashing windows to steal stuff inside vehicles. This is not but a sever case of That is not gonna happen to me.” Oh yes it will you moron.

There is a plethora of devices to secure firearms inside your car.  From the small boxes with steel cables that attach to the base of a car seat to solid steel cabinets that can go in the back of an SUV and carry several rifles, pistols, ammo and range stuff.

Basically there is no excuse to leave your pistol loose in your glove compartment, in the center console or under the seat.

So stop crapping on the woman, she is just doing what she needs to do. You do what you must do which is making sure your sidearm does not end in the wrong hands.

It is your damn responsibility. Take it.

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  1. Careful you don’t blame the victim. You’re right to say that it’s prudent to secure your weapons (or better yet, take them with you). But the primary responsibility is with the criminal; the secondary is with the person not securing what was taken.

    1. My wife lost her pistol from the unlocked glove box sitting in our own driveway.

      We’ve since changed how she does things. Hindsight.

      The reason it was in the glove box in the first place was because she isn’t allowed to bring her gun into the building at work. She’d simply forgotten to move it back to her purse when she left work that day.

    2. It’s kind of like the idea that if we teach men not to rape, then self defense won’t be needed. Nice idea, but won’t happen- the world is a dangerous place, and will remain so, so take an active part in your own security.

  2. Yeah, if you insist on going to a large gun free event, in an area where a large number of folks carry guns, don’t be surprised if your vehicle gets targeted by thieves looking for an easy score. Especially if your pick’em up truck has NRA or MAGA stickers. Victim blaming? A bit, regardless of the criminals activities you are still responsible to not be an idjit.

  3. So, if they steal the whole damn car, crash it into a bus loaded with nuns and orphans killing them all, is that my fault, too? My responsibility? Me thinks it is you who has the vapors.

    1. And we have a Pearl Clutcher.

      If you knowingly leave a gun inside a car where can be stolen easily, yes it is your responsibility.
      There shouldn’t be criminals out there that break into people’s cars, but guess what? They do and they steal stuff.
      I added the “Police Has No Duty To Protect” for a reason that it seems it went way above your head: You carry a gun because you know police cannot protect you, but somehow they are at fault if they break into your car and steal your gun?

      And if you knowingly leave a gun inside a car where can be stolen easily because you want to thump your chest, yell “‘Murica!” and make a political point, you are an idiot who is a danger to the Second Amendment.

      1. It’s a moral value thing.

        Even if I were to leave the pistol sitting on a pedestal in my front yard, unguarded and it is stolen, it’s not ME who used it to hurt someone.

        Theft is theft regardless of what measures I took to secure my item.

        In an ideal world, I could leave my gun on a pedestal in my front yard and expect it to be there until I moved it.

        The world is not ideal, and if I did, the gun would be gone. But that doesn’t make me responsible for what the thief does with it.

        This is a dangerous responsibility rabbit-hole to start down. Along this moral path lies blaming the gun shop for selling a gun which is misused. Are you endorsing that thought too? If not, how are you differentiating between the moral values and what compass are you using to make that differentiation?

        1. Nope, it’s a carefully thought out and internally consistent attitude about ownership, loss and crime.

          This rabbit hole also contains the branch that bans guns altogether because they CAN be stolen.

          But hey, don’t let me convince you since I have “the vapors”.

    2. Depends on the circumstance where they stole the car. Was it left keys in the ignition, door open, and engine running at the Stop & Stab on MLK Blvd because the driver was only going to be a second?

      We’re the Right- we’re allowed to victim blame, especially if the victim was an idiot. Things like risk assessment, target hardening, and situational awareness are a far, far more important factor in self defense than what gun you carry.

  4. This week here in Nashville (Miguel, ask your family) we had a 12 year old girl steal a gun out of an SUV. Then she went in her apartment to show a 16 year old friend.

    She shot her friend. Friend died.

    Now, its 100% the 12 year old’s fault.

    But I sure as SHIT do not want to live my life knowing that a $16 gunvault would have prevented her from using MY gun to do it.

    And I’ve got a dollar that says the SUV owner is on the list of people that the 16 year old’s parents are going to sue.

  5. I find it highly ironic that a blog named Gun Free Zone would celebrate a Chief’s (that lobbied to keep places GFZs btw) statement that victim shames lawful gun owners from being forced by law to NOT be able to carry because of a f$#%ing Gun Free Zone.

    This is the same department that lost 30 guns( ) and has had several officers have their vehicles entered and guns, uniforms, and badges stolen. Yet she preaches to us and Miguel loves it and piles on.

    I brought this story to his attention and I was extremely disappointed to read this posting.

    This post should have railed against us being forced to leave our guns at home because of a #gunfreeone, instead it shames us for being upset that an unjust law does so and then has the audacity to align with the antigunner’s safe storage laws.

  6. If someone steals your gun yes you are a victim of a crime but you already have a fire extinguisher just in case, you have locks on your front door. yes the law that forces you to leave it in the car is stupid but you know it will happen. So why not prepare for the threat of a break in? What your pissed because of the stupid law so your going to prove them wrong by loosing your gun?

  7. Here’s a thought.
    Suppose I’m forced to leave my gun in the car because I’m going into a disarmed victim zone. The gun is stolen and a crime committed with it.
    Should the person who established the disarmed victim zone be held responsible for the crime? I’d say partially responsible, surely. If you say that leaving a gun in a car inadequately secured is a bad thing — which is correct — you can also say that forcing a law abiding person to leave his gun in his car is wrong as well and contributed to the eventual crime.

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