6 Replies to “I swear they are sniffing glue.”

  1. There is a technical term for a person who claims to be an MD and makes medical statements about a person who he has not personally examined:


    And of course, a similar person who makes medical statements about a person who he did examine is a criminal (for violation of medical privacy laws).

    So most likely this hobo-like politician is parroting the words of a quack and fraud, but if his source isn’t that he is a felon.

  2. Would a psychologist from Yale ever say that Trump was not mentally ill? Call it prejudice, but after all the antics I’ve seen at the Ivy Leagues, I wouldn’t trust an Ivy League head shrinker to put medical ethics above politics.

  3. You can end the Soviet Union, but you can’t end the Soviet tactics. Just what was the official “diagnosis” they used for dissidents?

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