J.Kb on the Atlanta Police Chief

I’m going to double down on Miguel’s post Show me in the dolly where being a responsible Gun Owner hurt you.

I am an ardent advocate of concealed carry.  I have made the same argument that many other concealed carry advocates make regarding things like CCW for women.  It goes something like this:

Women should carry because rapists are predators and even though they shouldn’t be attacked, some men will and women should take precautions.  

The feminists say “we should just teach men not to rape.”  Yeah.  I’m pretty sure we do.  Guess what?  It still happens.  Why?  Evil exists in this world.

That’s not victim blaming.  That is a realistic assessment of how the world works.  You have no control over what other people do.  There are bad people out there and they do bad things.

The Chief of Police of Atlanta tells people not to leave their guns in their cars.

OK, gotcha.  Makes sense.  If I have to leave my gun in my car I’m going to lock it in the Job Box bolted into the bed of my truck.

I figure the same principle from above applies.

Gun owners should secure their guns when they are not using them because thieves are predators and even though they shouldn’t be have their stuff stolen, some men will and gun owners should take precautions.

Then I see some people shrieking about that like they are a bunch of social justice feminists yelling about short skirts not being an excuse.

Every gun I have, when it is out of my immediate possession is behind steel.  I have a safe in my house, a handgun vault in my bedroom, and a lock box in my truck.  I paid good money for that gun, I don’t want it to disappear on me.  I also have a very smart three year old and I don’t want him to have an accident.

There is an Arabic proverb, trust in Allah but tie up your camel.  

If you carry because you know evil exists and bad people will do what they shouldn’t, you should lock up your guns when you are not using them for the very same reason.

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  1. Common sense is not just a political buzz word. YOU are responsible for your firearm. And as a gun owner we are always under the microscope. THINK dont just react. Well said Sirs

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