King Kong Question

I finally watched Kong: Skull Island.

I lost the movie at 30 min in.  I get that they have to establish Kong as a beast but taking out an entire Air Cav unit like that was stupid.

Kong is 100 feet tall.  The UH-1 Iroquois has a service ceiling of 12,000 feet with a 1,200 foot/min climb rate.

Why the hell did the Air Cav unit feel the need to fight Kong at eye level?  

Also, military data puts M80 7.62×51 penetration at 60cm or 24 inches of tissue.   In a 100 foot ape, that would barely go through his skin.  It’s obvious that all the M60 fire was jut pissing Kong off. 

Was is anti military sentiment that made that scene so bad?  Couldn’t they strand the Air Cav unit some other way?  I just couldn’t get past how bad that part was. 

4 Replies to “King Kong Question”

  1. Easy. If they didn’t fight at eye level and used really effective arms, the movie would have been over right there. Or we could have had an hour of the stars sitting around talking with each other.

    1. And that is where my suspension of disbelief falls apart. Giant monsters exist, check. And elite Air Cav unit who literally is on their way home from combat deployment in Vietnam is a bunch of retards, nope.

      If the storm took out the aircraft on the way off the island, I’d accept that better. A giant ape swatting helicopters out of the sky because nobody thinks to climb to 1,000 feet is bad.

      When characters in movies act too dumb, I lose interest.

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