Show me in the dolly where being a responsible Gun Owner hurt you.

It seems the previous post has hurt the delicate mental constitution of some.

I find it highly ironic that a blog named Gun Free Zone would celebrate a Chief’s (that lobbied to keep places GFZs btw) statement

It is never a good thing to start with an outright lie. Celebrating what she said? I guess I missed where I shot the fireworks and had the marching band for the lady. Oh yeah, I didn’t celebrate a thing she said. But still she has a point: guns are being stolen from cars because they are left unsecured. Now, if all gun owners would be SMART and have installed a means to keep the gun locked, she would not have a reason to say shit like that and the Opposition would not have ammunition to use against us.

When the fuck did having a modicum of responsibility became something to be rejected among gun owners? Are you actually gonna sit there and tell me you never heard of guns being robbed from cars?

This one is on us as a group and while a very few (more likely none of the pearl clutchers bitching here) fight to expand where guns are allowed, it behoove us to avoid as much as we can that the unsavory elements of our society see our cars as mobile firearm supply.

Now, if this is too hard to understand, there is nothing else I can say or explain, feel free to thump chest and there is the door. I am sure there are other blogs that will suit your character (or lack of it)

You guys do remember I had said I was not going to be polite anymore, right?

There you go.

WAIT!!! I almost forgot… here is a graphic that surely will give you hives because it is about being responsible with guns.

3 Replies to “Show me in the dolly where being a responsible Gun Owner hurt you.”

  1. Making the point that securing your gun is the better way to continue possess it is not the same point as blaming the gun owner for any evil done with their property once it’s been forcibly removed from their control by theft.

    You didn’t really make the distinction clear that you are in disagreement with the chief’s position that gun owners should be held criminally responsible for the harm done with their, stolen, property.



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