Sound plan

Iceland made it illegal to pay men more than women for the same work.

Forgetting that the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963, Bernie Sanders Tweeted this.

To be fair, Bernie was only 22 at the time, so he might have missed that bit of news.

What he doesn’t say is the Icelandic law requires companies prove that their pay is equal or they are fined.

That’s just what we need in America Federal bureaucrats to audit business of more than 25 people and make them justify the salary or wages of all their employees and account quantitatively for any discrepancy.

It should be easy to come up with a standard so the different levels of education, quality of schooling, skill, etc., can all be accounted for in pay in a way that passes bureaucratic scrutiny.

I can only see this encouraging businesses to hire people and reward things like effort and performance.

I can’t see how that wouldn’t backfire at all. 

We should take all of our cues from a nation with the population about the size of our 57th largest city (Santa Ana, California, pop. 334,000) and that suffered total economic collapse not 10 years ago.

Maybe Sanders could convince Vermont to try it first.

3 Replies to “Sound plan”

  1. Marxists like Bernie don’t function on logic and they certainty don’t opine to their followers in any way on a logical basis. It’s all about getting the useful idiots all riled up on an emotional topic, pay no attention to the wizard behind the curtain….

  2. It’s the same in europe. In Germany (and I guess every other 1st world country) it’s been illegal for years to pay someone (regardless of gender) less for the same work.

    But as has been said: These people don’t run on logic.

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