Any excuse

I caught this one over at The Daily Wire.

Because a two-year-old can’t speak in sentences, it is not sentient and therefore it’s morally justifiable to kill it.

What is it with these people?  If they aren’t trying to fuck your kids, they want to kill them.

As the father of a three-year-old and a one-month-old, I can tell you, a two year old can communicate his/her needs.  I know when my baby is hungry.  I know when she needs to be burped, I know when she is unhappy about being wet, and I know that she really enjoys a warm bath.  She, like my son before her didn’t need sentences to communicate all that.

That’s part of being a parent.

The reality is that people like these will use any perversion of logic to justify killing whoever they want.

Once upon a time progressives thought is was reasonable to forcibly sterilize the infirm and disabled.

Aktion T4 was the Nazi justification for the extermination of those who were detrimental to German “racial hygiene.”

Either you believe life has intrinsic value or you don’t.  If you don’t, it doesn’t take much to rationalize ending it.

I don’t know why this piece of shit doesn’t like children, but since he looks like an unfuckable mound of old gum, I doubt he will have to make the choice of whether or not to murder his own offspring any time soon.

The one thing about him that I do know is that I have never wanted to stab a college kid in the throat so badly.

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  1. The logical result of performing abortions for babies with Down’ syndrome, or other congenital diseases. The next step is “humanly” eliminating those with a “Life Unworthy of Life.” We’ve seen this play before and it doesn’t end well.

    Is that the “Horst Wessel” I hear in the back of my mind?

  2. Some people have no faith and no soul. They are empty where ethics and empathy should reside. They are for killing the innocent, but against executing murderous criminals.

    And didn’t Chelsea Clinton wish her maternal Grandmother had the ability to terminate Hillary’s birth?

  3. Excuse my French.
    Just my opinion, but the reason that supercilious, lard faced, nasal voiced, fucktard has that ‘point of view’, is that he has such a loathsome personality (as can be seen in the video) that he’s been rejected by every woman he’s ever tried to ‘hook up’ with.

    He’s come to the realization that he’ll never reproduce much less ever get laid, and so is internally raging that his clearly superior genetics will never be passed to bless the world while all those ‘lesser mortals’ populate it. Thus he hates children.

    We can only hope that his ego writes checks his body can’t cash. He gets depressed enough to start taking street drugs to alleviate it, ends up ODing, and just brain dead enough to finally wind up being useful as an organ donor.

    Compassionate aren’t I?

  4. I posted the video in my Facebook timeline and tagged a couple of moms with toddlers. They are the typical bubbly, proud and tired mommies you know, but the amount of cold “quietness” coming out of them after they saw the video scared the shit out of me.
    And one of them actually shoots Civil War mortars for fun.

  5. As a parent of four children, I would argue that he’s clearly wrong on almost everything he said.

    My children were all talking by the age of two. All four of them. Even the one with autism. Of the four, he was the hardest to understand, but only because he still grasping putting it all together in his head, and he obviously was behind the curve as far as development being that he had not been physically forming the words. Once he got that, he was a chatterbox for two years solid.

    So, clearly, a child of two can communicate, and sentience can be determined.

    The only thing he said that was correct, “I don’t know, I can’t communicate to it.”

    Since he has a problem with communicating with children who can clearly communicate with him, I find the fault to be with him, not the children.

    He should bear the brunt of that fault. Therefore, if anyone should be eliminated for cause in this scenario, it should be him.

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