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  1. I think the problem is that people believe you are saying “if your gun gets stolen, you are to blame if it is used to do something bad”.

  2. I would say there is a percentage in every population that is, for lack of a better descriptor, evil. The same goes for a percentage of people that are good and those that are weak minded and require rules to quell bad behavior.

    The problem I currently see is that most new laws don’t punish bad people for crimes they committed but instead punish everyone for crimes they may commit. This sense that you can be imprisoned for things as simple as owning an object on the wrong side of a state or city boundary has created a sense of anger and mistrust in the justice system as a whole. Because of that anger and mistrust, we see people continue to be pushed to “no compromise” ideological extremes. I don’t see a happy ending to this trajectory.

  3. The fundamental problem is that people are taught, at a very young age, that they need to do something, or avoid doing something because “it is the rules.”

    Seriously, I remember being told as a child that you should not do XYZ because it is against the law, or against the rules. No other reason.

    Now, to your specific question, no people do not need laws to do what is right, but laws do serve as a way to “remind” people about responsible behavior.

    Of course, there are people out there that think passing a law will result in 100% compliance with said law. And, they think they can control others through laws. Those people were a little too brainwashed as a kid.

  4. The Roots of the issue are ‘who decides what the right thing to do is?’. and ‘how do they get the power to enforce that decision on others?’.

  5. A friend of mine had the habit of taking off his seat belt when entering Massachusetts (a mandatory seatbelt state). I told him that I didn’t like the idea of doing something dumb just because some politicians pass a stupid and unconstitutional law.

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