Lies and Misinformation from the 90s: The banning of ammunition

From an paper found by  The View from North Central Idaho.

The .50 caliber Desert Eagle has similarly destructive characteristics that distinguish it from other handgun cartridges. It is an enormously powerful, high-velocity, armor-piercing round manufactured for use in tank-mounted machine guns that has been adapted for use in a few foreign made handguns.52

The Role of Ammunition in a Balanced Program of Gun Control (1994)

And this one is a doozy:

Similarly, Congress might reasonably decide to suppress the manufacture and sale of the high-velocity, high-energy handgun cartridges that tend to create the most massive wounds in shooting victims. Given the flexibility with which a cartridge of any size can be loaded, such a ban would not be conceived as a restriction on specific calibers. Instead, Congress would simply determine a maximum threshold or a benchmark of ballistic performance measured in muzzle energy that no caliber could legally exceed. If the paradox of legislating the design of “safer” bullets sounds absurd, one must realize that international law has proscribed the military use of expanding bullets for almost seventy years and still requires combat rounds to be fully-jacketed so as to limit the size of wound tracts and reduce the numbers of battlefield fatalities. The policy that limits the “lethalness” of the weapons American marines must carry into combat should apply with double force to the civilian inventory of handguns.

That is what happens when the means of communication were tightly controlled by the Old Media and nobody could challenge the lies.