Quick afterthought about progressives and guns

I published two posts this morning, one about black gun owners the other about trans gun owners.

Thinking about those posts, I noticed a common theme I didn’t link at the time.

Both posts are about minority groups buying guns for personal protection.

Both articles I covered claimed that the respective minority group buying guns was some how is upsetting to or is counter to the will of conservatives.  Yet they give absolutely zero evidence for this.  It is just prejudice.  

“Conservatives hate black/trans/etc. non white people and so they hate when black/trans/etc. non white people buying guns.”

It’s also projection.  It is the Social Justice Warriors who want to deny civil liberties to groups they don’t like to “combat privilege.” 

That sound you don’t hear is the deafening silence of millions of conservative gun owners not shouting objections to minorities buying guns.

Too bad Huffpo and the Pacific Standard won’t realize it.

6 Replies to “Quick afterthought about progressives and guns”

  1. I’ve seen the whole “Conservatives don’t want blacks buying guns” meme before. Best solution I’ve seen is to denounce the meme as being unconscionably racist.

    Because it’s unconscionably racist.

      1. Operation Blazing Sword, created by Erin Palette, a skillful and articulate spokesperson for the right to bear arms for all of us.

  2. I remember the claim that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was triggered, in part, by Terry Kennedy’s fear of black rioters. I don’t know how well supported that claim is. It certainly is interesting.
    There is also the excellent essay “The racist roots of gun control” by Clayton E. Cramer.

  3. You have a bit of a typo there…

    “Conservatives hate black/trans/etc. non white people and so they hate when black/trans/etc…. do anything. not just buy guns.”

    I cannot count the number of times I have heard that “conservatives heads will explode when they see this…” or “Can’t wait for the conservatives to freak out about….” when something even remotely outside the Norman Rockwell 1950s norm is presented. A breakfast cereal commercial shows an interracial couple, no other possible outcome than conservative rage. (Or actually, no one noticed, or cared.)

    You are absolutely correct about one thing. It is projection on the part of the leftists, not any actual slight from conservatives that is the real issue. The progressives are the ones that insist on applying labels to people, not the conservatives. Minority, trans, black, gay, woman, etc… who cares? (aside from those that are deeply embedded in identity politics) I do not care if you are wearing a skirt, and sporting a beard, do you shoot? Are you safe on the range? Want to shoot a few rounds of skeet? Loser buys the first round.

    If I, or pretty much anyone else I know, were to look at you a bit differently, it is not because of your skin color, or your lifestyle choice, but more likely because you are dressed a bit oddly for a day at the range. Is that a tactical skirt? How do you keep the spare magazines from destroying the pleat?

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