The future is female and bankrupt

A woman who graduated with a degree in Critical Theory from Evergreen State College has started a Feminist Business School.


Because someone with a degree in whining about everything that makes America and the West great from a racist joke of an institution is the perfect person to charge $1700 per course or $250 for 75 minutes of consulting.

Her business proposes to teach you that capitalism is masculine and therefore evil and that you should learn the feminine economy.  It goes like this.


Apparently having any efficiency in business or production is bad.

If her diagram makes no sense, don’t worry, she explain this in rambling nonsense, sort of.

She has her principles.  Other than “tell the truth” I don’t know what any of them mean.  Then again I don’t have a business degree.  Or a bullshit degree for that matter.

The one thing I can tell you is that this woman, like every Social Justice Warrior and Communist advocate, she’s a hypocrite.

She can talk about the feminist economy all she wants, and its spiritual enrichment, but at the end of the day, this is in her about page.

*Your time is valuable and so is ours. Please do not ask us to do things for free. We promise to return the favor.

She ain’t doing shit for free, she’s in it for the money.

The only person who is going to be successful in business because of this is her.  Her students are going to be suckered.

I should feel bad for any woman who took this course and expected to learn anything and failed at starting a business, but any woman who is going to get suckered into spending money on this class was going to fail anyway.

12 Replies to “The future is female and bankrupt”

  1. This reminds me of a project some years ago, in Europe (France especially), funded by the EU bureaucracy, to create a new search engine. It would be called “quero” (Latin for “I ask” or “I seek”). The idea was to compete with Google by offering a “more feminine search algorithm”. No, I’m not kidding, that was the official statement.
    Nothing more was heard of this, though I don’t know how many millions of Euros were sunk into this pit of absurdity.

    1. Sweden tried feminist snow plowing. They plowed the sidewalks that women would walk on first. The results of prioritizing sidewalks and bike lanes was chaos. Businesses were interrupted as people couldn’t get to work. People couldn’t get to hospitals or goverment buildings. Stockholm was ground to a halt. Buses went nowhere. Eventually they changed back to plowing major roads first, but they had to learn the hard way.

  2. And the top fem of all shrillary pays her women 44 percent LESS than the men she hires…good luck..have you noticed most of these fem SJW are ones you sure as hell wouldnt want to wake up next to?? Yyyyeeeeecccckkckkkkk

  3. One thing not one the pretty chart, but tends to happen quite often- gals in leadership can get quite snippy with each other. And despite the attempts to preach “sisterhood”, lady bosses have been known to treat male employees better than the female employees.

    1. Well, yes — don’t you know that facts are just a matter of opinion, and truth is whatever you want it to be? 🙂
      I always want to suggest to such people to go to the roof of a tall building and step off, to discover whether the Law of Gravitation is a matter of opinion.

  4. curby: Rush Limbaugh one made a remark, the gist of which was that these buttugly SJWs know they’re buttugly and became SJWs to punish men because they were humiliated by never being asked out on dates.

    That video is a perfect exemplar of ‘word salad’ , a thing that passes for intelligence in most modern liberal/proggie institutes of learning. These universities don’t mind their professors teaching this crap as long as their students come with government guaranteed student loans that can’t be discharged even by bankruptcy anymore.
    They’re after the Benjamins just like any other racketeer.

    willford; She’s not the Moron you might think she is. $1700 per course and $250 for a little over an hour long ‘counseling session’? I think she’s nothing more than another grifter who has figured out a new swindle.

  5. Female economics: a shoe box full of unused makeup under the bed, 40 pairs of shoes to go with 60 outfits never worn. Fabulous curtains and festive whimsical frig magnets. A sofa covered in cat hair. A trash can full of empty yogurt cups and wine bottles.

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