The Golden Globes or Hollywood swimming in a sea of hypocrisy.

The women wore all black because they needed to protest the sexual abuse in Hollywood and other locations and needed to send a strong message even most of them though they chose and still choose to remains silent.

But the toast of the night was the hair rising speech from Oprah denouncing the sexual predators that  have been feeding on the women. Hell, there is even rumors that was her first speech on her run for the White House: The First Woman in the Oval Office will be a black woman of impeccable references.

Except when she was sucking the earlobe of Hollywood’s top sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein:

And by the way, Director Ridley Scott is already predicting the comebacks of both Kevin Spacey and Weinstein with the latter more likely to happen within a year.

Oh yes, I will box my moral compass on what Hollywood perverts and helpers are telling me is the right thing to do.

3 Replies to “The Golden Globes or Hollywood swimming in a sea of hypocrisy.”

  1. So they purged their predators so they could say “we purged ours, now you get rid of Trump.” Of course it didn’t get rid of Trump and now they are mad they purged first.

    Seems straight forward.

    When they are called out for having their predators de-unpersoned, you know they will say “but Trump!”

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