A bit of TV Trivia: Gunsmoke.

TV TRIVIA: Marshal Matt Dillon (James Arness) of GUNSMOKE was shot at least 56 times in the 20 years of the TV series including: eight shots in the left arm, six in the left shoulder, four in the left side, one in the left leg, five in the right arm, five in the right shoulder, six in the right side, three in the right chest, four in the right leg, three forehead grazes, five in the back and several creases. The poor marshal was also knocked unconscious 29 times, stabbed three times and poisoned once.

Seriously, even the hardest core gangbanger quits the life after the 12th time he’s been shot. 😀



3 Replies to “A bit of TV Trivia: Gunsmoke.”

  1. And then a week later he was back in the saddle ready to go again. Doc Adams’ must have had a patent ‘Miracle Cure’ tonic.

    Maybe the same numbering was done for COMBAT!. Sergeant Saunders and many of his squad got the bejesus shot out of them during those 11 months between D-Day and VE Day.



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