A fool and his money are retarded

A few days ago Bernie Sanders sent out this Tweet.

It is a video from a group Patriotic Millionaires which is made up of a bunch of left leaning millionaires who claim to want to pay more in taxes.

Nothing is stopping them from doing that.  They are free to donate to the US Treasury.  They are free to fire their accountants and other money handlers who work tirelessly to get them the lowest tax burden they can.

What they really want is for you to pay more in taxes because they only want to pay the minimum they can and want your minimum to be higher.

Well… fuck them and the Bentley they rode in on.

Paying more in taxes is not patriotic.  Merriam-Webster defines patriot as “love for or devotion to one’s country.”  Personally, I love the Mark Twain quotepatriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

I love my country.  It doesn’t deserve any more of my money.  It is a bureaucratic nightmare burdened with inefficiency that I don’t want to contribute to.

There are roughly 2.1 million federal employees, with a total federal workforce, including contractors of about 9 million.  Are every one of those jobs critical to the functioning of our country?  I doubt it.

Right now New York City spends about $2.5 billion per mile to lay new subway track, higher than anywhere else in the world.  Almost all of that is due to inefficiencies and extra people with make-work jobs.  We help pay for this.  California wants the Federal goverment to help pay for its light rail that costs $64 billion and does nothing useful.

The F35 is a piece of shit aircraft that does nothing well and cost the goverment $400 billion dollars.

Barack Obama gets a presidential pension of $200,000 per year, or about 30 minutes of speaking fees.  Seeing how so many politicians use  their office to get rich with insider trading, book deals, or speaking fees I think it is time to end the pension and healthcare coverage for elected officials, all of them.

While veterans were dying waiting for treatment, the VA was handing out bonuses to management.

NASA spent money on outreach to the Muslim world while the Space Shuttle was mothballed.

The Federal government gave Planned Parenthood $528 million to launder to the Democrat party.

I have no interest in supporting this waste and greed and corruption with my tax dollars.  That does not make me unpatriotic.

If you really are concerned about sending kids to college, don’t pay more in taxes, just find some poor kid with good grades and pay his tuition.

There are plenty of charities that do a lot more good, a lot more efficiently, than the Federal government.

What I won’t do is be shamed into voting to have more of my money go into this terrible system.

If these millionaires want to throw their money into the National Money Hole, they can.  I don’t want to.


5 Replies to “A fool and his money are retarded”

  1. The thing is, you list about a dozen examples of Fed.gov monetary stupidity, but you could list those all day long. You could fill a book the size of the phone book with them.

    Anyone who wants to pay more tax is always welcome to send in a check.

    1. Indeed. A good exercise for the student: look at a random sampling of government programs. Pick 10, or 40 if you’re a glutton for punishment. See if you can find anything in Article 1 Section 8, or maybe somewhere else in the Constitution, text that authorizes the program in question.
      I predict you’ll find somewhere around 1% where the answer is “yes”, and maybe a few more percent that come up “maybe”.
      Note that court opinions aren’t relevant here, they aren’t honest arbiters. It is the plain English text of the Constitution that matters.
      If we had Constitutional government, we might have a few tens of thousands of Federal employees, and a federal tax rate of 1% or so, probably less. (Actually, it probably would just be excise taxes — that was plenty in the early days even though the Constitution was trampled from the moment it went into effect.)

  2. SJW’s always lie. In the case of Bernie and the Leftist Millionaires, they never pay taxes the same way we normal people pay taxes. I can pretty much guarantee you that every single one of those people has lawyers and accountants making sure that they pay as little as possible; then they have lobbyist making sure that the government throws them as much money as they can get to their businesses- government contracts, stimulus packages, ect.
    And that is greased by things like tax deductible contributions to the Democratic party, or a nice sinecure for the politician’s buddies or family members on the board of directors.

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